san diego county regional communications system rcs overview
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San Diego County REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM RCS Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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San Diego County REGIONAL COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM RCS Overview. San Diego County TOPOGRAPHY. RCS Site Development Central Electronics Bank. Regional Communications System Vision.

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RCS Site Development

Central Electronics Bank

regional communications system vision
Regional Communications SystemVision
  • To provide seamless wireless communications for public safety/service agencies serving 3,000,000 people in San Diego County and Imperial County.
  • To provide RCS users with wireless interoperability with other local systems.
    • INTEROPERABILITY means law, fire, EMS and public service can talk readily with each other to coordinate life saving responses.
    • No one should lose their life or property because public safety personnel cannot communicate with each other.
regional communications system wireless design goals
Regional Communications SystemWireless Design Goals
  • The RCS design goals:
    • Improve compatibility with existing 800 MHz systems.
    • Provide highly reliable wireless voice and data networks.
    • Provide minimum 95% wireless coverage of the roadway network.
    • Provide wireless data access for computer applications, including:
      • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
      • Law enforcement databases
      • Computerized dispatch operations
regional communications system proven benefits of rcs approach
Regional Communications SystemProven Benefits of RCS Approach
  • The RCS provides key benefits to users:
    • Interoperability.
    • Improved user safety
    • Increased efficiency of diminishing resources.
    • Enhanced wireless coverage.
    • Enhanced disaster communications capability.
    • Economies of scale and scope.
regional communications system shared governance
Regional Communications SystemShared Governance
  • Partners approved a “Participating Agency Agreement”.
    • San Diego County Board of Supervisors authorized RCS Board of Directors to administer system.
  • Member agency representatives select the RCS Board of Directors.
    • 13 members: Chief/Department Head level fire, law, public service, representing their peer agencies.
    • No politicians on Board of Directors.
  • San Diego Sheriff’s Department Wireless Services Unit manages day-to-day RCS operations.
    • Board of Directors provides RCS administrative direction and oversight.
regional communications system parties cost
Regional Communications SystemParties - Cost
  • Local, county, state and federal participants
  • Agencies may join as equity partners or as customers
  • Currently over 200 government agencies and 13 dispatch centers receiving RCS service
  • SD County and Imperial County network cost: +/-125 M
  • Participants share ongoing network operating costs
    • Current Network Operating Charge (NOC) - $26.50 per radio/month
  • Estimated system life is more than 15 years
regional communications system implementation operation
Regional Communications SystemImplementation - Operation
  • Agencies began using the RCS in May 1998.
    • Over 18,000 radios are currently on the voice system.
  • Voice and data coverage acceptance tests - 97%.
  • Management Assessment Study (Deloitte & Touche) of the RCS validated the system design, goals and project management.
regional communications system coverage terrain
Regional Communications SystemCoverage - Terrain
  • Coverage area:
    • Two of California’s largest counties
    • Over 9,000 square miles
    • Over 185 miles of U. S. - Mexico Border
  • Terrain:
    • Sea level at San Diego
    • Over 6,500 feet at highest point
    • 100 feet below sea level at lowest point
regional communications system technical summary voice
Regional Communications SystemTechnical Summary – Voice
  • Motorola SmartZone 800 MHz
  • Trunked, Simulcast
  • Mixed Mode Analog/Digital
    • Not APCO 25
  • Embassy Switch
  • IMBE Voice Coder
  • Digital Encryption capable
regional communications system technical summary voice1
Regional Communications SystemTechnical Summary - Voice
  • Extensive geographical coverage
    • 68 microwave repeater sites
      • Three simulcast cells (28 repeaters)
      • 25 stand alone, non-simulcast repeaters (mountainous areas)
    • Over 150 frequency pairs(POWER OF SHARING!)
      • 12.5 KHz, 821 MHz (NPSPAC)
      • 25 KHz, 806 MHz
    • 95% Coverage performance requirement. Performance exceeds 97%.
regional communications system technical summary data
Regional Communications SystemTechnical Summary - Data
  • Voice and data systems are separate networks
  • 29 Data System Repeater sites
  • Motorola 800 MHz
    • 19.2 KBPS
    • RD-LAP Protocol
    • Supports other frequency spectrum
    • Wireless Network Gateway
      • Supports TCP/IP
  • Permits various data applications, including AVL
  • Data network provides significant growth capability
  • 95% Coverage requirement; exceeds 97%.
regional communications system milestones timeline
December 1992

March 1995

March 1996

December 1996

May 1998

December 1999

Board of Supervisors approved the RCS Business Plan.

Governing bodies signed the Participating Agency Agreement.

Board authorized contract with Motorola & financing of remaining RCS components.

Construction of 43 radio system transmission sites began.

Participating agencies began using the RCS.

Project Completion - San Diego County

Regional Communications SystemMilestones - Timeline
user revenue growth
User/Revenue Growth

Exceeds expected capacity

1Assumes 1.5% user growth annually

2Assumes City of San Diego joins RCS.

Total Users includes non-paying mutual aid users

regional communications system contact information
Regional Communications SystemContact Information
  • For further information, call:
    • Chris Hinshaw, Manager
    • Wireless Services Unit
    • Communications Division
    • San Diego Sheriff’s Department
    • Voice: (858) 694-3953
    • Email: [email protected]