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CPALS General Membership Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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CPALS General Membership Meeting

CPALS General Membership Meeting

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CPALS General Membership Meeting

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  1. CPALS General Membership Meeting October 11th, 2012

  2. Kudos! • Young-Nan Kim for stepping up to work the football game last weekend. You are the best! • LeighannWessells for sending in pictures for the website! • CamielleRomac-Gullo for volunteering to stay until the 4th quarter at the football game

  3. What has CPALS accomplished? • 2 staff breakfasts delivered by 9 CPALS members • 60 kids with 1:1 pals ; 28 newly assigned this semester • 68 new officially registered members • 51 members participated in 3 football fundraising events for a total of $1530 raised! • 9 members helped out at Teen Retreat • 57 members attended Pedal for Peds • 60 members signed up for Get Heeled 5k

  4. What have you accomplished? • PLEASE SHARE! • Your academic accomplishments this semester • Meeting a new 1:1 pal/family • Fun times in the clinic • New friends?

  5. Pedal for Peds!

  6. Website • CPALS has a website now! • I’ll walk you through it… now! • Any feedback? Something you want on it that isn’t there now? Email me!

  7. IV Pole Decorating • Sign ups online! • New kit…should be lots of fun • Theme: celebrity decorating • Talk to Jordan if you want to help out

  8. Staff Breakfasts • Thank you to everyone who came and helped! • The staff were SO appreciative • Next staff breakfast in early November…be on the look out!

  9. Fundraising • THANK YOU to everyone who has participated! • South gate winners • Those who worked the first and second game please see Sherilynn and Aaron after the meeting for your prizes! • Next game: 10/27 • Last game: 11/10 • Fundraising is a SEMESTER requirement for CPALS

  10. Those who HAVE participated: Candyce Adkins Ankita Anekal Taylor Batten Nelly Bellamy Katelyn Blanchard Kelly Boyd Lindsay Cannon Laura Cartwright Casey Collins Haley Cook Anna DeFrancesco Itohowo Eyo Laura Fulbright Aakansha Gor Thomas Gore Ronnell Green Kelsey Gustaveson Stephanie Jernigan Katelyn Jones Kristina Kerr Young-Nan Kim Katie Knapp Jay Lomax Ben Martinez Daniela Matallana Ashley McGee Michelle Moore Max Nagle Shirin Negmadjanova Gia-Binh (Bianca) Nguyen Courtney O'Connor Rachel Olsen Marisa Orbea Sherilynn Phen Kaitlin Quallen Nabila Ratani Melissa Reynolds Camille Romac-Gullo Emily Salo Lauren Schmittle Emily Senger Kelly Shannon Meghan Shea Kyle Smith Lauren Somloi Lauren Swords Swords Chuchitra Thanigaivasan Kate Wilson Jaclyn Wu Maria Wynn

  11. T-Shirt • Still working on the design • Design will be submitted by the end of fall break • Preference on navy blue/Carolina blue?

  12. CPALS Bead of Courage • Beads are on their way!!!!! • Will be distributed in pairs: one for CPALS and one for kid • Be excited! • Likely to use same design for t-shirt!

  13. Halloween Activities • We’ll have games and various activities planned for the clinic on Halloween • Any fun ideas? Let us know! • Will need a handful of volunteers to prepare the activities and help in clinic on Halloween • Stay tuned for signups!

  14. Get Heeled 5k! • This Saturday 10/13 at the Friday Center (100 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill)!! • Assignments: Route monitors, Cheering Stations, Water Station, and CPALS Activity Table • Activity Table members arrive at 7:30 AM (Kyle, Rachel, Kristina Kerr) • Wear your Get Heeled T-shirt and any fun/playful accessories! We will have a few costume things, but bring whatever you have! • SIGN IN and SIGN OUT (at Volunteer tent) • Everyone else arrive at 8:00 AM • Event will be over by 12 PM • Is your pal coming?? • CALL if you need ANYTHING!

  15. Carpooling • Drivers: Let us know TONIGHT if you cannot drive and/or cannot fit 3 people in your car! • Nelly Bellamy, Emily Senger, Morgan Jeffreys, Laura Fulbright, William Bennett, Jay Lomax, Melissa Reynolds, Lauren Schmittle, Kristen Rosano, Taylor Batten, Stephanie Jernigan, Candyce Adkins • You are in charge of coordinating pick-up with your group. We will send the list and contact info out tonight! • Any extra drivers??

  16. Parking • We park in the BLUE STAR lot! • For those whose positions are further into the route, there may be parking at your assignment so that you can drive there. There will also be golf carts to shuttle people to spots! • Plan to meet us in the parking lot at the volunteer tent then go from there! • Map on next slide

  17. 1:1s • Please consider dropping your shift and getting a 1:1! It is a priceless experience • Orientations: • After this meeting • October 15th • Sign up on websit ( • 1:1/CPALS dinner 10/25…stay tuned • Questions??

  18. What’s next? • Comments from Jess • Remember important dates: • 10/13 Get Heeled 5k • 10/25 1:1/CPALS dinner • 10/27 Football game • 11/10 Football game • Next meeting: 11/8 in conference room! • THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!