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Spanish Culture

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Spanish Culture. Seño Laura – Octubre 2008. Spanish Culture. Spanish Culture. La Rioja. Spanish Culture. Elche or Elx (in Valencian) is a city located in the Alicante province which, in turn, is a part of the Valencian Community, Spain. Spanish Culture.

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Spanish Culture

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    1. Spanish Culture Seño Laura – Octubre 2008

    2. Spanish Culture

    3. Spanish Culture La Rioja

    4. Spanish Culture Elche or Elx (in Valencian) is a city located in the Alicante province which, in turn, is a part of the Valencian Community, Spain.

    5. Spanish Culture Part of the town is coastal but the main city is some 15 km (9.5 miles) from the Mediterranean Sea.

    6. Spanish Culture And you will know immediately that you are coming close because all the roads leading to Elche are lined with palm trees and there are a lot of signs proudly announcing that this city was named part of the World Heritage in 2001 thanks to its art and tradition.

    7. Spanish Culture It is now the third most important city in the Valencian Community thanks to its population (220 000) and has a prosperous shoe manufacturing business.

    8. Spanish Culture This is the Altamira Castle, inside you can find the archaeological museum MAHE. MAHE has a lot of information about the history of Elche. Castillo de Altamira

    9. Spanish Culture

    10. Spanish Culture This is the Basílica de Santamaría. This church was built over an old mosque. Each August there is a “theatre” play inside the church: Misteri d’Elx (The mistery play of Elche) Basílica de Santamaría

    11. Spanish Culture Fireworks Night Noche de la Alborada

    12. Spanish Culture Fireworks Night

    13. Spanish Culture Many archeological remains have been found in Elche, the stone bust of the Lady of Elx (Dama de Elche) is the most important. Dama de Elche

    14. Spanish Culture That’s me!

    15. Spanish Culture Elche has got more than 200,000 palm trees. You can go for a walk through the palm tree forest. Palmeral de Elche

    16. KS2 Assembly – Spanish Culture We use the palm trees for the Palm Sunday in Easter. Domingo de ramos

    17. Spanish Culture

    18. Spanish Culture And we eat a lot of dates from the palm-trees!

    19. Spanish Culture We are very lucky, we have got a lot of fresh fruit and our typical dish “Arroz con costra” is delicious!

    20. Spanish Culture