section 6 1 chromosomes meiosis
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Section 6-1 “Chromosomes & Meiosis ”

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Section 6-1 “Chromosomes & Meiosis ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Section 6-1 “Chromosomes & Meiosis ”. Write everything that is underlined. One of Biology’s Essential Questions :. At the end of this unit you will need to be able to answer this question … The Big Question: WHY ARE ALL HUMANS DIFFERENT????? …Look around the room- no one is exactly like you

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section 6 1 chromosomes meiosis

Section 6-1“Chromosomes & Meiosis”

Write everything that isunderlined

one of biology s essential questions
One of Biology’s Essential Questions:

At the end of this unit you will need to be able to answer this question …


…Look around the room- no one is exactly like you

…Your siblings are not exactly like you (unless you have an identical twin)

…There is an amazing process that makes us all different … meiosis

a body cells and gametes
sex cells (egg)

body cells

sex cells (sperm)

A. Body cells and gametes

1. Body cells are also called somatic cells

2. Gametes are sex cells: egg and sperm

  • Gametes have DNA that can be passed to offspring

(Psst…Fill out your vocabulary chart…)

take a vote
Take a Vote!!!!

Is a skin cell a somatic cell or a gamete?


Is an egg a somatic cell or a gamete?


What is a liver cell considered- somatic or gamete?


What is another type of somatic cell?

-Sperm Cell

b autosomes and sex chromosomes
B. Autosomes and sex chromosomes
  • Your body cells have 23 pairs of chromosomes
  • The first 22 pairs of chromosomes are autosomes
  • Sex chromosomes (X and Y) determine what gender you will be (male or female)
Homologous pairs of chromosomes have genes for the same traits
  • For each homologous pair, one chromosome comes from each parent
think pair share 2 min
Think-Pair-Share (2 min.)
  • Do you believe that homologous chromosomes are identical to each other?
  • Why or why not???
C. Diploid and Haploid
  • Diploid (2n) cells have two copies of every chromosome
    • Body cells are diploid
    • Half the chromosomes come from each parent
Haploid (n) cells have one copy of every chromosome
  • Gametes (sex cells) are haploid
  • Gametes have 22 autosomes and 1 sex chromosome
quick thinking
Quick Thinking!
  • You can write, draw, diagram, or write a quick song for your answer…
  • Why is it so important that gametes are haploid cells? What would happen if, for some reason, it occurred that one wasn’t?
D. Fertilization: When the egg and sperm cell unite
  • 2 haploid cells unite to form a cell (zygote) that once again has the diploid number of chromosomes
    • Chromosome number must be maintained in animals
    • Many plants have more than two copies of each chromosome
  • A zygote grows to be a human
  • Mitosis and meiosis are types of nuclear division that make different types of cells
  • Mitosis makes more identical diploid cells
Meiosis makes haploid cells from diploid cells and:
  • occurs in sex cells
  • produces gametes
Compare and Contrast MITOSIS and MEIOSIS on a separate sheet of paper based on what you already know about both. Turn in at the end of the period before you walk out the door.

Differences go HERE

Differences go HERE

Things they have in common go HERE