Circulatory system
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Circulatory system. Luis ovalle. Organs Involved in the System. One of the main organs are…. The heart Blood vessel And blood artery. Functions of the Organs.

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Circulatory system

Circulatory system

Luis ovalle

Organs involved in the system
Organs Involved in the System

One of the main organs are….

  • The heart

  • Blood vessel

  • And blood

  • artery

Functions of the organs
Functions of the Organs

  • The heart, is one of the most important organ in our body, the heart is the organ the pumps up blood so we can all be alive and it transports oxygen

  • Blood vessels are the tubes in our body that transports blood in our entire body

  • Blood is cells either blood type A,B,AB, or O and they Carrie oxygen to our body


  • Plasma: plasma is a yellow liquid couponed with blood, it makes up 55% of blood volume

  • Platelet : a tiny part of a cell that helps stop bleeding

  • Artery : the kind of blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart

  • Vein- the kind of blood vessel that carries blood back to the heart

  • Capillary - a tiny blood vessel with thin walls through which oxygen, nutrients, and wastes past

Diseases of the system
Diseases of the System

  • Heart cancer

  • Vascular Disease


  • The heart beats around 3 billion times in the average person's life.

  • About 8 million blood cells die in the human body every second, and the same number are born each second.

  • With a tiny droplet of blood out there's 5million blood cells getting out