business process monitoring and alignment
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Business Process Monitoring and Alignment

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Business Process Monitoring and Alignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Business Process Monitoring and Alignment. An Approach Based on the User Requirements Notation and Business Intelligence Tools. Alireza Pourshahid Daniel Amyot SITE, University of Ottawa. Pengfei Chen Michael Weiss (supervisor) SCS, Carleton University. Alan J. Forster

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business process monitoring and alignment

Business Process Monitoring and Alignment

An Approach Based on the User Requirements Notation and Business Intelligence Tools

Alireza PourshahidDaniel Amyot

SITE, University of Ottawa

Pengfei ChenMichael Weiss (supervisor)

SCS, Carleton University

Alan J. Forster

Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa

research context
Research context
  • How can we model and monitor business processes and determine how well they meet their business goals and performance requirements?
  • Can monitoring information be used to better align business processes and goals?
  • Introduction
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
    • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    • URN & GRL
  • Methodology
    • Overview
    • Conceptual view
    • Integrating KPI models with URN
      • KPI model definition in GRL
      • Connecting KPI and UCM models
  • Case Study
  • Conclusion and Future Work
introduction business process
Introduction - Business Process
  • “Coordinated chain of activities intended to produce a business result.”
  • “Repeating cycle that reaches a business goal.”

Reference: More for Less - The Power of Business Process Management (BPM), A presentation by Andrew Spanyi, and Philip Larson, 2006

introduction bpm bpms bam
Introduction – BPM – BPMS – BAM
  • Business Process Modelling (BPM): Understanding and management of diverse and cross-organizational processes that link humans and automated systems together.
  • BPM System (BPMS): Suite of products that enable us to handle required tasks in a BPM lifecycle in an automated and computerized manner.
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Real-time reporting, analysis and alerting of significant business events, accomplished by gathering data, key performance indicators (KPI) and business events from multiple applications.


introduction urn bpm
Introduction – URN & BPM
  • In a BPM tool we need to specify the W5 questions.
  • URN, which integrates UCM and GRL, is able to answer Where, What, Who, When and Why.
  • Use Case Maps (UCM)
    • Scenarios and causal sequences (When)
    • Responsibilities and tasks (What)
    • Components and actors (Who and Where)
  • Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL)
    • Business or system goals and rationales (why)
  • GRL & UCM
    • Link processes to business goals.
introduction grl
Introduction – GRL
  • GRL concepts and notation
    • Intentional elements (softgoals, goals, tasks, and resources)
    • Stakeholders of a system (actors)
    • Rationales important to stakeholders (beliefs)
    • Decomposition, contribution, correlation and dependency links
introduction grl cont
Introduction – GRL (cont.)
  • Combines concepts from i* and the NFR Framework
  • Enables the description of alternatives and the decomposition of high-level business goals down to the operational level
  • Offers an evaluation mechanism:
    • Supports reasoning about goals & alternatives
    • Assignment of initial satisfaction level to intentional elements (strategies)
    • Propagation to other intentional elements via links (weighted contribution/correlations, dependencies…) and to actors.
a healthcare case study urn bpm
A healthcare case study - URN & BPM

Top Level Business Goals

Discharge Process (Canadian Hospital)

a healthcare case study goal decomposition
A healthcare case study - Goal decomposition
  • Goal model of the discharge process
a health care case study urn bpm
A health care case study - URN & BPM

Link to top level goals

Process Hierarchies

Link to Business goals

methodology kpi model in urn
Methodology – KPI model in URN



KPI Model –


introduction kpi
Introduction – KPI
  • Process-oriented KPIs enable us to reach conclusions about effectiveness and efficiency of processes

The devil’s quadrangle:Indicators from different dimensions usually affect each other, thus we cannot usually improve all of them at the same time

[9] H. A. Reijers, Process-Aware Information Systems. John Wiley & Sons. Inc., 2005

methodology kpi evaluation method
Methodology – KPI Evaluation method

KPI real-time value

KPI evaluation level

Mapping KPI values to GRL evaluation levels:

If KPI’s performance value is below the threshold

If KPI’s performance value is above the threshold

methodology kpi reports
Methodology – KPI Reports
  • Complementary KPI views and reports
    • KPI score card view
    • KPI history view, trend view, distribution view, etc.

One single value is not enough to get a deep insight about the performance of a business process

e.g. two different distributions, but with same KPI values

a healthcare case study kpi model in urn
A healthcare case study - KPI model in URN

KPI Model

Goal Model

Process Model

a healthcare case study kpi evaluation method
A healthcare case study - KPI evaluation method

Time lag between discharge and dictation

  • The proposed method helps to
    • evaluate and monitor the business process
    • against performance requirements using KPI
    • and show the effects of ongoing processes on business goals
    • enabling improvements to both processes and goals
    • while helping to prevent undesirable events
  • The method has been evaluated in a healthcare case study.
future work
Future work
  • Use the results of the monitoring to prioritize the processes that need to be improved
  • Use redesign patterns to improve the processes based on the monitoring results
  • Create an alerting system to prevent unwanted events
  • Use scenarios to monitor a part of a process and show the effect of this part on the business goals
  • Integrate the monitoring system with a business process execution engine.
questions comments
Questions & Comments
  • Questions?
  • Comments?

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