major projects approval process in 2014 2020 n.
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Major projects approval process in 2014 -2020 PowerPoint Presentation
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Major projects approval process in 2014 -2020

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Major projects approval process in 2014 -2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Major projects approval process in 2014 -2020. Brendan Smyth DG REGIO . Major Projects: future Regulation. Common Provisions Regulation for 2014-2020: close to formal approval and publication before end-year

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major projects future regulation
Major Projects: future Regulation
  • Common Provisions Regulation for 2014-2020: close to formal approval and publication before end-year
  • 'Major projects', with specific conditions for approval, remain within the Regulation (see Articles 90-92) but with some changes:
    • Cost threshold for a major project contributing to Thematic Objective 7 (transport and 'key network infrastructures') changes from €50 million to €75 million
    • Definition of major project changes from 'total cost' to 'total eligible cost'
major projects approval procedure
Major Projects: approval procedure
  • Options for the approval of major projects:
    • Projects may be assessed by independent experts funded from technical assistance of the Commission
    • Projects may be assessed by other experts approved by the Commission
    • Projects may be assessed by the Commisssion
decision on major project
Decision on major project
  • "Where the information referred to in Article 91 has been appraised positively by a quality review by independent experts, the Member State may proceed with the selection of the major project. The Managing Authority shall notify the Commission of the selected major project"
  • "The financial contribution to the major project shall be deemed to be approved by the Commission in the absence of a decision…refusing the financial contribution within three months of the date of notification. The Commission shall refuse ....only on the grounds that it has established a significant weakness in the independent quality review"
independent quality review bodies minimum criteria will be proposed
Independent Quality Review bodies: minimum criteria will be proposed
  • Significant technical experience of all stages of the project cycle
  • Significant international experience to ensure adequate benchmarking
  • Knowledge of EU law, policies and procedures
  • A governance structure that is independent of government or national authorities in terms of ownership, control, funding or staffing
  • No possible conflict of interest at the level of project, sector or client
  • No commercial interest in the outcome of a proposal for funding
jaspers as independent expert
JASPERS as Independent Expert
  • JASPERS: Joint technical assistance facilitysince 2006
  • Commission considersthat JASPERS meets the minimum criteria for an independentreview body and has proposedthat JASPERS canbe made availableas an independentqualityreview body to all Member States with major projects
  • Anyotherindependentreview body proposedwould have to meet the criteria for independence and quality and be acceptable to the Commission
  • AnyMember State whichdoes not wish to use independent experts cansubmit applications to the Commission
independent quality review body
Independent Quality Review body
  • The report of the Independent Quality Review body (whether JASPERS or otherwise) will be prepared in good faith, drawing on its knowledge and expertise, but Member States are obliged, as they are now, to ensure compliance with EU law
  • Time is required to set up new appraisal structures so Member States concerned have been requested to indicate :
  • If they will use independent experts, as described in the draft Regulation
  • If they will make use of JASPERS as independent expert