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Fact and Opinion. A fact is a statement that can be proven. An opinion is a statement that tells what someone thinks or believes. An opinion cannot be proven. Words such as best , worst , good and bad are often used when giving opinions .

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Words such as believes.

best, worst, good and bad are often used when giving opinions.

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My family and I moved out West opinion.in the spring of 1849.

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That was opinion.the worst little town in the world.

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Gopher Gulch opinion.was a lonesome place, too.

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There were only opinion.three families there when we moved in.

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After a while, Gopher Gulch opinion.started to grow.

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Fine new businesses opinion.seemed to be popping up overnight!

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Ten new businesses opinion. opened up in the spring of 1850.

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It was a good thing opinion. to have a bakery and a general store.

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People living in tents opinion.enjoyed taking baths in the new bath house.

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My mom opinion.will be glad when we can build a church.

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The best things opinion. to come to Gopher Gulch though, were sidewalks.