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Fact and Opinion. Agatha Christie Biography. Differentiating between fact and opinion in informational text TSWBAT evaluate an article to locate three facts and three opinions. Learning Target. A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false. Examples of facts:

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Fact and opinion

Fact and Opinion

Agatha Christie Biography

Learning target

Learning Target

Review fact

Review: Fact

Review opinions

Review: Opinions

Examples of opinions

Examples of opinions:

  • Follow the link: There may or may not be a good reason to think this way.

  • http://www.biography.com/people/agatha-christie-9247405?page=1


What to do

  • Watch the video first There may or may not be a good reason to think this way.

  • Then read the article (Notice! There are two pages to click on to read the article.

  • When you finish, reread the article to find three facts and three opinions.

What to do:

Make your own

  • Next… There may or may not be a good reason to think this way.

  • Write two sentences of your own about Agatha Christie. Make one a fact (something you learned from the article) and one an opinion (something you feel about what you learned.)

Make your own.

What to do when you are all done

What to do when you are all done…