Self evaluation checklist
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Self evaluation checklist


The purpose of this self evaluationchecklist is to help improve as a USATF or OSHAA official. Remember as you work events you are always being evaluated by others, be it officials, coaches, athletes or meet personnel and you want to leave an impression of knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism of yourself and the governing organization you represent.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 1. Do I keep the commitment for the meet?

  • Keep a calendar of commitments and do not confirm till checking so you do not double book.

  • Am I “meet shopping” and cancelling for the best opportunity?

  • If I do need to miss a meet, be sure to give advance notice to official’s coordinator.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 2. Do I know the site location?

  • Amount of travel time needed.

  • Specific location of the event.

  • Keep a venue notebook for reference.

  • Know the start time of the meet.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 3. Do I have the proper uniform?

  • Know the uniform for the meet requirements. If unsure confirm with official’s coordinator.

  • Be sure the uniform is clean, unwrinkled, have proper hat, shoes, jackets or raingear.

  • Wear proper ID badge.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 4. Do I have proper personal equipment and items to do the assignment?

  • Flags, clipboards, pens, pencils, highlighters, stop watch, weather writer, tape measures etc etc. (You will always learn from others what you might need).

  • Proper rule book for the event.

  • Be sure to read the rule book and understand the intent of the rule.

Self evaluation checklist

Self evaluation checklist

  • 6. Do I arrive 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to start and properly check in?

  • Meet with the event head and go over assignments and understand my responsibilities. (If you are the event head, gather the crew and review all details).

  • Go over event site to inspect for safety issues or potential issues.

  • Go over site to review athlete’s area, coaches box, spectator area and any special situations.

  • Know where trainers, water stations and restrooms are located.

  • Be sure all proper equipment from host institution and/or meet management is on site and in working order, i.e. Jumping standards & pits, crossbars, rakes, measuring devises, hurdles, wind gauges, tents, tables, chairs, lights etc.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 7. check in?Do I participate in athlete check in and pre event briefings?

  • Speak clearly and loud enough. Ask for pronunciations of names and write them phonetically.

  • Explain procedures for the particular event, how many throws, or jumps etc.

  • Explain time allotments, warm ups, flights, heats, where bibs or number are to be worn.

  • Answer athlete’s questions.

  • Go over rules, fouls, specific “meet management” rules procedure for excusing to another event, order of competition and call ups.

  • Be sure to watch athletes in warm ups, observing their actions and techniques. This will help for the competition. However do not anticipate anything.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 8. check in? During the event, do I show---?

  • Fairness, firmness, consistency, enthusiasm, respect for athletes and coaches.

  • Knowledge of the rules.

  • Proper flag and hand signals (or verbal if required).

  • Ability to keep the pace of the event moving.

  • Cooperation with other officials.

  • Ability to move quickly and decidedly to the mark in throwing events.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 9. Do I have a “post meet” evaluation with the event head or other officials?

  • What went right? (What did I do right?)

  • What went wrong? (What did I do wrong?)

  • What could be done better? (What could I do better?)

  • What equipment was missing? (What equipment should I have?)

  • Any other issues.

  • Did I help a fellow official with a tip of advise? Did I receive a tip?

  • Did I ask a question about any uncertainties?

  • If I am the event head---remember praise in public, critique in private.

Self evaluation checklist

  • 10. head or other officials?Do I keep a record of events worked?

  • Keep a list of all details of event site, happenings etc. for future use.

  • Keep a contact list of emails, phone numbers for officials, coaches or others.

  • Keep a written self evaluation of each event and review to improve.

Self evaluation checklist

Ohio Association Clinic Presentation head or other officials?

January 19, 2014

By Duane Shaul, Ohio Association

National Level USATF Official

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CREDITS: USATF Best Practices, Ohio Association Clinic notes, Virginia Association clinic notes, USATF & NCAA rule books.