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ALICE dcsUI Version 3.0

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ALICE dcsUI Version 3.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ALICE dcsUI Version 3.0. dcsUI v3.0 is ready and will be soon posted on the ACC site ( Users are kindly asked to pay the ticket to A. Agustinus which is in the business! ); PVSS 3.6 version compliant; Graphic Qt library based; For Windows and Linux platforms. The dcsUI layout.

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Version 3.0

  • dcsUI v3.0 is ready and will be soon posted on the ACC site(Users are kindly asked to pay the ticket to A. Agustinus which is in the business!);
  • PVSS 3.6 version compliant;
  • Graphic Qt library based;
  • For Windows and Linux platforms.

The dcsUI layout

It looks like the old one but....


New ‘fashion’ for

the FSM node control !

FSM Node Status & Control

It opens the FSM Control panel and is Enabled for the Operator user only

STATUS of selected FSM Node

A multi-page window appears only if more then 14 nodes have to be displayed

Due to some constraints in the Graphic Qt libraries, the FSM state color cannot cover the usual window and consequently it is almost invisible!!

In this UI new version, to make the state color more evident, the SubSystem name region is in addition colored! (Credits to M. Boccioli detto Giotto)


Main FSM control panelOnly widgets are provided! The panel design is on the detector (this is for the HMPID. For a different example please see M.Boccioli presentation).

All these functionalities are now officially released and documented.

FSM States, Command and Executing ChartsThese info can be archived providing a powerful tool to save the FSM operation history

From the FSM ‘Chart button’

From the FSM ‘Archiving button’


Distributed host status and moreEven if the PVSS project is not distributed and not running but only the console running (PMON manager) then the list of all the managers and their status can be monitored.

Clicking on the relevant square icon in the main FSM panel you open…….


The Configuration facility of the FSM Operation Mode

For which FSM Configuration can be useful for?

Example given:

Once a HV-only configuration file is created, disabling all the HV channels (SSD request), a dedicated panel to ON/OFF all/single HV channel (not using the FSM mechanism!) can be implemented and opened from (as example) the monitoring zone in the FSM node Infrastructure HVPw.

Below the HMPID HV only panel is shown.

From the ‘FSM create configuration’ button in the FSM main control panel……

This facility provides the definition of the FSM Operation Mode (Include/Exclude Enable/Disable) configuration file for the entire detector hierarchy.


The dcsUI – User Panel Integration

  • In order to integrate “user panels “ into the dcsUi interface, the DCS developer must follows some rules:
  • Define the association in the Framework environment between each FSM Node and relevant User Panel;
  • Sizing the panels up to the 970 pixel width and 690 pixel height;
  • Write some extra script lines into the panel to ensure all the functionalities of the FW Access Control mechanism,
  • As example, an empty template file is provided.








The dcsUI – Installation

  • The software package is distributed in the format of a standard JCOP FrameWork component
  • The installation is performed in three phases:
    • Standard FW component installation
    • Customization by editing the configuration file config/dcsUi.config
    • Customization of some panels in order to adapt them at the Sub-Detector characteristics
  • The development of “User Panels” for the Monitoring Panel Zone, has to be carried out following a well defined Template Structure provided in the example panel.

The dcsUI:

Future improvements

Good luck !!

  • next version 3.1 will integrate the Info Messenger Facility.
  • help information pages available for each dcsUi panel
  • extra features will be implemented following your suggestions (coffee, beer hotdog.... service)!! Many thanks to those of you that are already cooperating on the component development!!


For technical aspects, bugs report, etc. please contact Antonio FRANCO :