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Mount Everest

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Mount Everest. Vocabulary. Sherpa. Context Clue Since the first British adventurers came to Nepal, a group of native people known as Sherpas have worked with climbers as guides and partners. Definition:

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Mount Everest

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    1. Mount Everest Vocabulary

    2. Sherpa • Context Clue • Since the first British adventurers came to Nepal, a group of native people known as Sherpas have worked with climbers as guides and partners. • Definition: • a race of people know for their climbing abilities and ability to adjust to high altitudes quickly. Usually hired to help climbers up the mountain.

    3. Expedition • Context Clue • Most expeditions to the Himalayas begin with a plane flight to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. • Definition: • a journey made for a specific reason.

    4. Summit • Context clue • Its summit is the highest point on earth, 5 ½ miles above sea level. • Definition: • the top

    5. Altitude • Context clue • At higher altitudes, there is less air above you. • Definition: • height of something measured from sea level. This is a measurement of air pressure.

    6. Elevation • Context clue • During the journey, the elevation rises from 5,000 feet to over 17,000. • Definition: • Height of something measured from sea level. This is a geometric measurement.

    7. Delirious • Context clue • Definition: • A disorder of the mind that results in restlessness, excitability, incoherent thought and/or speech, and/or hallucinations.

    8. Assault team • Context clue • After helping Hillary and Norgay establish Camp IX, the rest of the team descends, leaving the final assault team alone in the dismal camp. • Definition: • Two or more climbers who attempt to reach a mountain summit.

    9. Avalanche • Context clue • Definition: • A mass of snow, ice, or rock pouring down a mountainside.

    10. Base Camp • Context clue • Only 10,900 feet and 13 miles to go before your next stop at Base Camp. • Definition: • A central setup of tents where food, equipment, and medical supplies are stored; a relay site for climbers.

    11. Buddhist • Context clue • Over 500 years ago a group of Tibetan Buddhists known as the Sherpas moved from Tibet to the Everest region of Nepal in order to be closer to the mountain they hold sacred. • Definition: • Based on the teaching of Buddha; a member of the religion that adheres to the teachings of Buddha.

    12. Col • Context clue • Disappointed and exhausted, Bourdillon and Evans retreat all the way back to South Col. • Definition: • A depression or pass in a mountain range.

    13. Cornice • Context clue • Definition: • An overhanging mass of hardened snow at the edge of a ridge, usually formed by wind.

    14. Cwm (pronounced coom) • Context clue • Definition: • A valley on the side of a hill or mountain.

    15. Crampon • Context clue • At 6:30 a.m., after spending two hours thawing out Hillary’s frozen boots, the men finally strap on their crampons and set off for the top. • Definition: • Metal frame with spikes worn on hiking boots for ice climbs.

    16. Crevasse • Context clue • Hillary and teammate Tenzing Norgay, roped to each other, cut ice steps and maneuver around hidden crevasses. • Definition: • A deep, open crack in a glacier.

    17. Icefall • Context clue • Hillary leads some of the team on a rigorous climb up the Khumbu Icefall to establish Base Camp. • Definition: • A cascade of ice that results when a glacier descends over a changing slope of ground beneath.

    18. Ice pick • Context clue • Hour after hour, using ice picks, they cut endless ice steps. • Definition: • A tool for chopping ice or securing oneself while climbing over ice.

    19. Oxygen system • Context clue • They encounter a blizzard and their oxygen systems begin to fail. • Definition: • Oxygen tanks carried by climbers. A closed system allows climbers to breathe pure oxygen from the tank; an open system allows climbers to breathe a mixture of pure oxygen and outside air.

    20. Porter • Context clue • It has taken 16 days for Edmund Hillary, 13 other climbers, and 350 porters to reach the Tengpoche Monastery and set up a rear camp. • Definition: • A person who carriers supplies.

    21. Sidar • Context clue • Definition: • A Sherpa leader on a mountaineering or trekking expedition.

    22. Traverse • Context clue • Definition: • To cross a mountain slope; a steep slope that has to be climbed from side to side.