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Builders Support Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Builders Support Services

Builders Support Services

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Builders Support Services

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  1. Builders Support Services Home Automation & Design

  2. Home Automation offers home builders a valuable service that will save time, money and improve overall customer satisfaction . We provide a single point of contact enabling efficient customer issue tracking and sub-contractor management during the builder warranty period. We provide a professionally managed electronic tracking system for post build services management. Our Builders Support System is a customized program that delivers effective management of the numerous activities that consume your time on a daily basis. Builders Support Services

  3. Support Services Features • Save time • Save money • Improve efficiency • Systematic approach to unpredictable demand Sub-Contractor Management Customer Communication Asset Tracking Service History Tracking Warranty Documentation Customized Reporting

  4. Home Automation & DesignBuilders Support Services • How can we help you save money and time? • Maintain detailed records of each sub-contractor • Document sub-contractor services provided related to each property • Provide conduit for communication of customer needs to subs to improve problem resolution • Provide feedback to builders of customer feedback and satisfaction Sub-Contractor Management

  5. Home Automation & DesignBuilders Support Services • How can we help you impact customer satisfaction ? • Provide single point of contact for customer issues • Document customer requests and coordinate with subcontractors to address customer issues • Capture detailed information regarding each service call • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys for service delivery and effectiveness tracking Customer Communications Management

  6. Home Automation & DesignBuilders Support Services • How can we improve sub-contractor response • Facilitate detailed inventory of all fixed assets • Provide builder and homeowner with critical information for systems in the home • Utilize captured data to improve vendor service capability • Valuable data source for product reliability and performance tracking Asset Tracking Services

  7. Home Automation & DesignBuilders Support Services • How can we help manage warranty information? • Capture and record warranty term information • Assist builders and home owners in managing warranty issues • Provide home owners with warranty expiration notification • Information source for alternate service solutions for out of warranty items Warranty Tracking and Documentation

  8. Home Automation & DesignBuilders Support Services • How can we help with service documentation ? • Primary point of contact for service calls • One person for the customer to call for help • Systematic capture of individual service events by creating an unique record for each call • Generate customized reports for service tracking and effectiveness. Service History Tracking

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  10. Home Automation & Design

  11. Where do we fit in? Builder Builder Home Automation Builders Services Home Owners Sub Contractors

  12. We can help! Saving you time Will make you Money!