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Support Services . *Cognitive Coaching Collaborating Consulting Evaluating. Cognitive Coaching . Enhance and habituate self-directed learning, self-managing, self-modifying Most effective support service in the long run. Collaborating.

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support services

Support Services

*Cognitive Coaching




cognitive coaching
Cognitive Coaching
  • Enhance and habituate self-directed learning, self-managing, self-modifying
  • Most effective support service in the long run
  • Solve instructional problems, apply and test shared ideas, learn together
  • Increase pedagogical and content knowledge and skills; institutionalize accepted practices and policies
  • Judge and rate performance according to understood externally produced standards
all four support services should focus on self directed learning
All four support services should focus on self-directed learning!

Self Directed People

  • Self Manage
  • Self Monitor
  • Self Modify
mission statement
Mission Statement
  • The mission of Cognitive Coaching is to produce self-directed persons with the cognitive capacity for high performance both independently and as members of a learning community.
characteristics of self directed people
Characteristics of Self Directed People
  • Resourceful
  • High Level Thinkers
  • Set Challenging Goals
  • Persevere in the Face of Barriers
  • Forecast Future Performances
  • Seek Constant Improvement
why coach
Why Coach?
  • Improve Student Performance
  • Improve Teacher Efficacy
  • Increased Reflection
  • Improved Teacher Satisfaction
  • Improve School Culture
  • Grow Professionally
  • Personal Connections
cognitive coaching1

Directed by Coachee


About Self-Directed Learning

A skillful application of tools for planning, reflecting, and problem-solving

Capacity Building

Mediating Thinking

Developing and Building Internal Resources


Directed by Coach


Dependent on Coach

A quick fix or

Band-aid solution

Direct solutions from coach

Remaining stagnant

Cognitive Coaching
a glance at coaching
A Glance at Coaching
  • The cognitive coaching model is predicated on a set of values, maps, and tools, that when combined with non-judgmental ways of being and working with others, invites shaping and re-shaping of thinking and problem solving capabilities.
  • (Cognitive Shift)
planning conversation
Planning Conversation
  • Occurs before a colleague conducts or participates in an event, resolves a challenge, or attempts a task. The coach may or may not be present during the event or available for follow-up conversation.
reflecting conversation
Reflecting Conversation
  • Occurs after a colleague conducts or participates in an event, resolves a challlenge, or completes a task. The coach may not have been present at or participated in the event.
problem solving conversation
Problem Solving Conversation
  • Occurs when a colleague feels stuck, helpless, unclear, or lacking in resourcefulness; experiences a crisis; or requests external assistance from a mediator.
holonomy and states of mind
Holonomy and States of Mind
  • Efficacy
  • Consciousness
  • Craftsmanship
  • Flexibility
  • Interdependence
trust and rapport
Behaviors that cultivate trust





Sharing Control

Elements of Rapport






Trust and Rapport
essential coaching pattern
Essential Coaching Pattern
  • Develop a relationship with solid lines of communication
  • Develop Trust
  • Establish Rapport
  • Pause
  • Paraphrase
  • Question
principals of paraphrasing
Principals of Paraphrasing
  • Concentrate on feeling and fact
  • Label the emotion

Paraphrasing sends three messages

  • I am listening
  • I am interested/I care
  • I understand you (or I am trying to)
  • Your thoughts??
mediational questions
Mediational Questions
  • They are invitational
  • Approachable Voice

Use of

  • Plural forms
  • Exploratory/tentative language
  • Positive Presuppositions
plural forms
Plural Forms

What are the

  • Reasons
  • Strategies
  • Factors
  • Ideas
  • Outcomes
  • Alternatives
exploratory language
Exploratory Language
  • What might be some…
  • How might you know..
  • What are your hunches..
positive presuppositions
Positive Presuppositions
  • As you reflect upon the lesson,
  • As you examine the data,
  • Base upon past successful experiences,
  • As an experienced educator,
  • As a successful teacher,
putting it all together
Putting It All Together
  • As you reflect, what might be some of the indicators that your lesson was successful?
  • As you examine the data, what are some of the similarities that are emerging?
  • Based upon your past successful experiences, what might be some of the indicators that this student might be struggling?
reflecting on reflections
Reflecting On Reflections
  • Essential to Professional Growth and Development
  • Amplified when done with others
  • Enhanced when they are focused and structured
  • Enriched when all members consciously use the tools of inquiry and non-judgmental response behaviors
baby steps
Baby Steps
  • Trust building begins with the first encounter
  • Be interested, listen, and be non-evaluative
  • Build a positive relationship with strong/open lines of communication
  • Grow together