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P802.11s timelines

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P802.11s timelines. Authors:. Discuss TGs timelines, in relation to the timelines of REVmb. TGs Timeline, from Doc 11-10/895r6. TGs Timeline, from Doc 11-10/895r6. Question.

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P802.11s timelines

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p802 11s timelines
P802.11s timelines


Discuss TGs timelines, in relation to the timelines of REVmb

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

tgs timeline from doc 11 10 895r6
TGs Timeline, from Doc 11-10/895r6

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

tgs timeline from doc 11 10 895r61
TGs Timeline, from Doc 11-10/895r6

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

  • Are we bold enough to claim that recirculation 5 is the clean recirculation, or do we need to make changes during Recirculation 5, necessitating another recirculation?
    • In the following, I assume that to be the case
  • Also, I assumed that we do not make a recirculation out of this meeting
    • Also this needs confirmation from the TG

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

  • In the following slides we provide a more detailed mapping
  • Depending on
    • 11s completes before REVmb
    • 11s completes after REVmb; for this case, we assume that REVmb completes its clean recirculation by Oktober 17
  • Goal: to agree on a timeline for discussion with REVmb and the editors meeting

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

scenario 1
Scenario 1

This corresponds to the following sequence of events, assuming TGs goes before REVmb

*Note: there is room for some more recirculations to meet the September REVcom agenda

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

scenario 2
Scenario 2

A speed up was suggested, still assuming TGs goes before REVmb, however, this is ok only with the original timeline

*Note: Fitting in two recirculations plus a clean recirc is very tight.

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

scenario 3
Scenario 3

REVmb expects to complete Comment Resolution by 17 Oktober 2011, so if we go after REVmb

With this completion date, REVmb gets on the November REVcom agenda; TGs will meet the Feb. 17 deadline to be on the february REVcom agenda

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

  • Is a time period of 4 months (mid January 2011-mid May 2011) enough to satisfactorily complete the TGs Draft basing ourselves on 802.11-2007
  • Yes: 4
  • No: 0
  • Abstain: 8

Dee Denteneer (Philips)

  • In the best estimates:
    • Waiting for REVmb will delay publication of TGs from September (June) 2011 to February 2012
    • According to an analysis by Adrian Stephens, waiting for TGs will delay publication of REVmb from November 2011 to publication in February 2012
  • Background:


Dee Denteneer (Philips)