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Zambia Current Event

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Zambia Current Event. By Siw Lund Year 8. A map of Zambia. The Current Event. No More Shooting Big Cats. What.

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zambia current event

Zambia Current Event

By Siw Lund

Year 8

the current event
The Current Event

No More Shooting

Big Cats


In Zambia the government is beginning to realize that there aren’t enough big cats, because people hunt and kill them. You are allowed to do this, but now since people have been hunting big cats for a long time, there aren't enough big cats to hunt anymore. The government now wants this to change.

In Zambia it is estimated that there are around 2,501 to 4,649 lions remaining


I think that in Zambia people kill big cats most likely to get the big cat’s fur, teeth, meat, and to keep them as trophies.

the effect on the people
The Effect on the People

The effect I think this will have on the people of Zambia, is that they will continue to break this law, which maybe will cause the government to have a bigger consequence for breaking the law. Also if people stop shooting big cats they might loose most of their income money because, they might have made most of their money by selling the remains of big cats to tourists and locals, before the law was set.

the effect on zambia
The Effect on Zambia

The effect I think it will have on Zambia in general is maybe the amount of big cats will increase. The problem with this is that it might cause there is not enough food for the big cats.