Thematic essence of uddhava g t lesson 7 the most confidential knowledge sb canto 11 chapter 12
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THEMATIC ESSENCE OF UDDHAVA-GÉT Ä Lesson 7: The Most Confidential Knowledge (SB Canto 11, Chapter 12). Recap of chapters 10 & 11 (16p). Karma- miçr ä - bhakti (10.1), or bhakti mixed with fruitive tendencies Jïäna- miçrä-bhakti ( 10.4), or bhakti mixed speculative philosophy

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Thematic essence of uddhava g t lesson 7 the most confidential knowledge sb canto 11 chapter 12
THEMATIC ESSENCE OF UDDHAVA-GÉTÄLesson 7: The Most Confidential Knowledge(SB Canto 11, Chapter 12)

Carucandra Dasa

Recap of chapters 10 11 16p
Recap of chapters 10 & 11 (16p)

Karma-miçrä-bhakti (10.1), or bhakti mixed with fruitive tendencies

Jïäna-miçrä-bhakti (10.4), or bhakti mixed speculative philosophy

Unalloyedbhakti (10.35)

Faith (11.18)

  • Execution of the prescribed duties according to one’s nature within the varëäçrama-dharma with no material desires + offer the fruits of their labor to Krsna (niskäma-karma-yoga)

  • Renounce worldly duties & systematically cultivate knowledge + accepting Krsna as the Supreme

  • Without devotional service  speculative philosophical imperfect

  • Importance of faith in Krsna, the SPG

Carucandra Dasa

Recap of chapters 10 11 16p contd
Recap of chapters 10 & 11 (16p; Contd)

Hearing + chanting + sädhu-sanga (11.23)

Uddhava’s questions (11.26)

Krsna’s response (11.48)


  • Faithful hearing and chanting the glories of the Lord  perfection depends upon devotee association

  • Ways and means of ds + symptoms of devotional perfection

  • Without devotional service + devotee association, all attempts for liberation are useless

  • Krsna, while categorically rejecting all other paths of self-realization, such jïänaand karma, recommends exclusive surrender unto Him.

Carucandra Dasa

Chapter 12 the most confidential knowledge beyond renunciation and knowledge
Chapter 12: The most confidential knowledge—beyond renunciation and knowledge

  • In this chapter, the glories of holy association and the super-excellence of the pure love of the residents of Våndävana are described.

  • The association of saintly devotees destroys our attachment to material life, and is capable of bring even the Supreme Lord, Krsnaunder one’s control. (Contd)

Carucandra Dasa

Chapter 12 contd
Chapter 12… ( renunciation and knowledgeContd)

  • Neither yoga, Sänkhya-philosophy, mundane religious duties, study of scriptures, austerities, renunciation, charity, vows of fasting, Deity worship, secret mantras, visiting holy places, nor adhering to any major or minor regulative principles can effect the same results.

  • Even those in the lower modes of material nature and in low intelligence, who cannot study the scriptures, can attain the Supreme Abode simply by associating with the saintly devotees. (Contd)

Carucandra Dasa

Chapter 12 contd1
Chapter 12… ( renunciation and knowledgeContd)

  • The Vraja-gopés, ignorant of the divine nature of Krsna, attained the supreme Absolute Truth simply by constant association with Krsna.

  • Even great demigods like Brahmä cannot match the incredible fortune of the gopés.

  • The attachment of the gopés for Krsna was so intense even in separation that even the Lord Himself considered eternally indebted to them.

  • As such, after imparting instructions to Uddhava, Krsna recommended him to take shelter of the gopésand follow in their footsteps.

Carucandra Dasa

Is there contradiction when renunciation and knowledgeKrsnaasks Uddhava to abandon every recommendation He made earlier and now simply surrender unto Him in the footstep of thegopés? (17)

  • No. The contradiction is just apparent.

  • In listing those paths of self-realization, Krsna was instructing all living entities in general in different situations, while using Uddhava as His medium.

Carucandra Dasa

How krsna manifests himself in vedic knowledge 18
How renunciation and knowledgeKrsna manifests Himself in Vedic knowledge? (18)

  • Krsna explains the most confidential meaning of Vedic knowledge.

  • Work  knowledge  bhakti

  • Analogy: When sticks of kindling wood are vigorously rubbed together  heat  sparks of fire  addition of ghee (fuel)  fire blazes. Similarly, Krsna manifest in the sound vibration of the Vedas.

Carucandra Dasa

The tree of material existence 22 23
The tree of material existence renunciation and knowledge(22-23)

  • The two seeds of this tree = sinful & pious activities

  • The hundreds of roots = innumerable material desires of the living entity

  • The 3 lower trunks = The 3 modes

  • The 5 upper trunks = The 5 gross elements

  • Production of 5 flavors = The 5 sense objects

  • The 11 branches = The 10 senses + the mind

Carucandra Dasa

The tree of material existence 22 231
The tree of material existence renunciation and knowledge(22-23)

  • The 2 birds making their nest in this tree = The individual soul & the Supersoul

  • The 3 types of bark = air, bile and mucus, the constitutional elements of the body

  • The 2 fruits of this tree = happiness & distress

  • This tree = manifestation of Krsna’smäyä

  • Krsna is the cause of all causes.

Carucandra Dasa

Text 24 the ultimate conclusion
Text 24: The ultimate conclusion renunciation and knowledge

  • Steady intelligence + worship of the spiritual master + the sharpened ax of transcendental knowledge  cut-off the subtle material covering of the soul  realization of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, ÇréKrsna throw away the ax of analytical knowledge as it is no more necessary  in fact, it could be detrimental on the path of pure devotional service.

Carucandra Dasa