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photographic storyboard

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  2. As part of the pre production process to creating my product, (a 2 minute opening sequence) I have undergone visual research on potential locations. After a few hours of deciding and inspecting potential areas in the London Borough of Lambeth, I found 3 locations which will create a tense and chilling atmosphere. I will film at night time (approx 8:30pm) to achieve this.

  3. This busy street will be my first location where I will aim to use a long shot to establish my characters where about’s as this is extremely important. I have decided to use a busy road to convey the reality of the narrative and present other activity’s happening despite the character not knowing she is being watched.

  4. This is the park location where my middle class female character will be followed by the stalker. The main ideas behind choosing a park as because it symbolizes a happy place for kids and people to walk by feeling secure however at night this can be a different matter.

  5. This location is a side road near the park in which my female character will walk down and peek behind this wall. I aim to shoot an extreme close up of the wall with the stalker standing a few metres back even though he will be out of focus. This is so I disguise his identity using the wall to create a perspective feeling. This location was quieter and I wanted the main focus to be what was happening in the scene and not the surroundings/environment.

  6. My character will be shown here with a medium shot running around the corner to somewhere where she assumes is safe (location to the right). The next scene will happen under a bridge where the female is killed by the stalker and a new character is introduced. I have decided choose this location because it reflects the narrative of my opening and the background lighting will suit the genre.

  7. Again the park location will be where my opening will come to an end as the new character introduced in the previous scene will be followed too as the stalker waits for her to walk past. This location will create the mystery and ambiguity of whether the teenage girl makes it alive. As all the audience will see is an extreme CU of feet walking away.

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