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  1. Storyboard Final Project Erica Garofalo IT510 spring04

  2. Title page: MU Help desk Index.htm Links Monmouth University Logo Background theme Niceblue.giff Help Desk logo Mouse over effect Link bar across each page Horizontal line Home Computer labs locations & hours Webmail Ucompass WebAdvisor Access M: Drive Library Resources Contact information Suggestions Image of Boy and girl at PC girlboyatcomputer.gif Page Transition Or DHTML effect Applied to each Page Link color = Red and bold Mission Statement Email address Phone # Java Script

  3. Title page: Hawkmail Webmail.htm Webmail.jpg Link bar Horizontal line Login instructions ID and Password Info Email address Active for one year Screenshot of login page Webmai1.gif click-here_right.gif Hyperlink to webmail Click Here for Webmail Scrolling text (marquee) Back to Top Background theme Niceblue.giff

  4. WebAdv3.jpg Title page: Webadvisor Webadvisor.htm Webadvisor logo Thumbnail screen shot of Search for classes & Request pin number Link bar Horizontal line Link to Security.htm Link to Webmail instructions Click here for Webadvisor Login Instructions Search for classes Request Pin # Required password change Click-here_mouse.gif Back to Top Background theme Niceblue.giff Scrolling text (marquee)

  5. Title Page: Educator Ucompass.htm Thumbnail screen shot of Login page. Ucompass.jpg Link bar Horizontal line Link to Campus Technology page Click-here_mouse.gif Hyperlink to Educator Username and password Information Webaddress How to access from Campus Tech page Back to Top Background theme Niceblue.giff

  6. Title Page: Library Resources Library.htm Library Logo guggenheim.jpg library.jpg= link To library page Pictures Above link bar Link bar Horizontal line Instructions On how to Access Ebsco Host From off Campus Thumbnail netscape_proxy_small.jpg Password box screen shot Download Netscape 7.1 Installation Instructions Link to New window Back to Top

  7. Title page: Computer labs Labs.htm How to login to to machines in lab Computer Lab Locations and Hours HOWARD HALL 500 LIBRARY STUDENT CENTER OAKWOOD BEY HALL 101A Computer lab Pic Hours for each lab Will be provided under Each location Link bar Horizontal line Link To Contact Information page Scrolling text (marquee) Back to Top Background theme Niceblue.giff

  8. Title page: How to access your Mdrive from off Campus Mdrvie.htm Link bar Horizontal line Basic instructions on How to access your Student M Drive from off campus. Transfer files from HD to Network. computer_boy.gif Above Link bar Insert screen shot if necessary Back to Top Background theme Niceblue.giff

  9. Paged Removed Contact_information.htm List of important MU Departments Registrar Financial Aid Student services Each Department Is a link to Departments Main page

  10. Title Page: Suggestions Feedback.htm feedback5.gif • Questions regarding Website design, layout • Easy to find information • Include text boxes, • dropdown menus • Text area box for additional comments Submit Feedback Reset

  11. Works Cited All information provided by Monmouth University Help Desk Eileen Booth & Erica Garofalo & the Monmouth University Website Lab picture provided by: Keyboard picture provided by: index.php?page=contact Form Questions provided by FrontPage 2002 ISBN 0-619-04463-2