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  1. Japan Background Info Map • Tokyo is the capital of Japan • Japan’s three borders are the Sea of Japan, the North China Sea, and the Pacific Ocean • The terrain of Japan is lot’s of mountains and trees • Japan’s weather varies from tropical in the south to cool temperatures in the north • The language is spoken in Japan is Japanese • Japan’s population is (127,463,611

  2. History and facts • Emperor Hirohito ordered surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 • Ichiro Suzuki is a baseball star from Japan in the United States • Ganjitsu (new years day) • Keirono Hi (respect for the elderly day) • Sendi is a popular town because they celebrate Tanabata Festival • Breakfast pickled bean paste soup lunch salted fish and vegetables dinner raw sea food and fried meat

  3. About Tokyo Japan When you hear the word 'Japan', what do you think of? Does your mind fill with images of ancient temples or futuristic cities? Do you see visions of mist-shrouded hills or lightning-fast bullet trains? Do you think of suit-clad businessmen or kimono-clad geisha? Whatever image you have of Japan, it's probably accurate, because it's all there. But you may also have some misconceptions about Japan. For example, many people believe that Japan is one of the world's most expensive countries. In fact, it's cheaper to travel in Japan than in much of North America, Western Europe and parts of Oceania. Others think that Japan is impenetrable or even downright difficult. The fact is, Japan is one of the easiest countries in which to travel. It is, simply put, a place that will remind you why you started travelling in the first place.ADVERTISEMENTIf traditional culture is your thing, you can spend weeks in cities such as Kyoto and Nara, gorging yourself on temples, shrines, kabuki, ō (stylised dance-drama), tea ceremonies and museums packed with treasures from Japan's rich artistic heritage. If modern culture and technology is your thing, Japan's cities are an absolute wonderland - an easy peek into the future of the human race, complete with trend-setting cafés and fabulous restaurants. Outside the cities, you'll find natural wonders the length and breadth of the archipelago. From the coral reefs of Okinawa to the ski-resort of Niseko, Japan has more than enough natural wonders to compete with its cultural treasures. Then there's the food: whether it's impossibly fresh sushi in Tokyo, perfectly battered tempura in Kyoto, or a hearty bowl of rāmen in Osaka, if you like eating you're going to love Japan.But for many visitors, the real highlight of their visit to Japan is the gracious hospitality of the Japanese themselves. Whatever your image of Japan, it no doubt exists somewhere on the archipelago - and it's just waiting for you to discover it!Read more:

  4. FOOD For breakfast pickled bean paste soup. For lunch salted fish land and vegetables For Dinner raw sea food or fried meat

  5. Places to sleep • Century southern tower hotel Tokyo 180 dollars a night • Hotel sunroutehigashishinjiku 116 dollars • Cerulear tower tokyo hotel 1289 dollars

  6. Transportation • Nearest airport is Narita international • A roundtrip ticket would cost about $1,400 • You should pack clothes Chopstick’s money and shoes

  7. Why vacation here? • You could see… • Tokyo National museum • Rainbow bridge • Kiddy land • This vacation would cost anywhere from $2,032 to $3,610 for two nights and three days