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Compensation Study Goals PowerPoint Presentation
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Compensation Study Goals

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Compensation Study Goals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development and Implementation of a Compensation Program for non-exempt Classified and Hourly employees February 7, 2012. B. Compensation Study Goals.

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Development and Implementation of a Compensation Program for non-exempt Classified and Hourly employeesFebruary 7, 2012


Office of Human Resources

compensation study goals
Compensation Study Goals
  • Human Resources will study compensation information for all non-exempt classified and hourly employees to determine how CNU’s salary data compares to the market and what, if any, changes should be recommended to remain competitive and improve retention and recruitment efforts.
    • Using salary market information from the Virginia Employment Market Labor Analysis (VELMA), local universities, Commonwealth of Virginia wage data and other available relevant salary information.

Office of Human Resources

compensation study summary
Compensation Study Summary
  • Phase one: Planning and Initial Communication
  • Phase two: Market Study
    • Layout and Benchmarking
    • Salary Survey Information
    • Gap Analysis
  • Phase three: Pay Structure
    • Compression and Internal Equity Analysis reviewed by Senior Administration and the Compensation Committee
    • Cost Analysis and Multiyear Implementation Plan
    • Communications and Feedback

Office of Human Resources

compensation committee
Compensation Committee

Committee Members

Human Resources

  • Faith Belote, Director of Internal Audit
  • Dr. Bobbye Bartels, Associate Provost
  • Christine Ledford, Senior Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Pat McDermott, Director of Planning and Budget
  • Robert Midgette, Senior Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
  • Michelle Moody, Director of EO and Faculty Recruitment
  • Dr. Bill Ritchey, Executive Director of Counseling and Health Services
  • Rochelle Augustus, Classification and Compensation Analyst
  • Milton Brooks, Assistant Director
  • Sharon Lue, Classification and Compensation Manager
  • Lori Westphal, Director of Human Resources

Office of Human Resources

roles and responsibilities
Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Office of Human Resources collects the employee data, reviews the salary data, conducts the analysis and provides the information to the Compensation Committee for review.
  • The Compensation Committee reviews the information and recommendations received from HR and recommends changes/revisions. Once the information is revised, the Compensation Committee makes the recommendation to Senior Administration
  • Senior Administration works with Planning and Budget to plan for implementation of the recommended changes when budget is available.

Office of Human Resources

  • Project kickoff February 7, 2012
  • Human Resources (HR) compiles employee data and reviews salary data completed by beginning of April, 2012
  • HR meets with the Compensation Committee to review data and make recommendations by the April 15, 2012
  • Compensation Committee makes recommendations to Senior Administration by May 1, 2012
  • Planned changes are announced to the CNU community by July 1, 2012

Office of Human Resources

  • If you have questions regarding this compensation study, please email We will post the answers on our website.
  • Human Resources Contacts
    • Sharon Lue, Classification and Compensation Manager, 594-7636
    • Rochelle Augustus, Classification and Compensation Analyst, 594-7590

Office of Human Resources