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Photo Story 3

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Photo Story 3 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photo Story 3 . Create a movie in 8 easy steps! . Begin your story. To begin a new story click Next. To edit a story already in progress, choose “ Edit a Project ”. Then choose “ Next ”.

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Photo Story 3

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photo story 3

Photo Story 3

Create a movie in 8 easy steps!


Begin your story.

To begin a new story click Next. To edit a story already in progress, choose “Edit a Project”. Then choose “Next”.

You will use the Next button to navigate to the next step and the Back button to go back if necessary.


Import your pictures.

Click Import Pictures to find your pictures.


Edit and rotate your pictures.

You can rotate sideways pictures by clicking on the curvy arrows here.

Remove red eye by selecting the desired picture and clicking on the red eye.


Add motion to your pictures.

To make your pictures “move” choose the picture you want to move and click Customize Motion.


Choose the beginning

and stop

points of your motion.

Check this box .

Click and drag the corners of the box to specify start and stop places on your picture.

Choose the amount of time you want the movement to happen.

Click Close to return to the regular menu.

Save your changes.


To add text to a picture choose the picture you wish to add text to and type it here. You can choose the font and where you would like the text placed on the picture.

Add Text.

NOTE: Photo Story does not provide “Title” options. I have put a folder in our shared folder called Photo Story backgrounds. You can find “blank” slides there. Students can use them to add text for titles.


Narrate your project.

To add narration to your Photo Story. Plug in a microphone.

Click blue square to stop recording.

Curved arrow to delete narration.

Click red dot to record.

Preview to listen to narration.

The pictures that have narration on them will have a speech bubble below them.

Click Next when you are done with narration.


Add music to your video.

Delete your music by clicking Delete Music.

Preview your Photo Story by clicking Preview.

You can add music saved to your computer by clicking Select Music.

You can Create Music using Photo Story by clicking Create Music.


Save your project and make your video.

Browse to tell the computer where you want your video saved.

Your project does not become a video until you click Next.

You MUST save your project or you will not be able to edit it.



Your photos are now a movie!