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The Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society. History. Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) was founded at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1904 by Maurice Carr Penn State’s Epsilon Chapter was shortly after on December 4, 1909.

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Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) was founded at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1904 by Maurice Carr

Penn State’s Epsilon Chapter was shortly after on December 4, 1909.

Over 200 chapters at universities across the U.S. and we are currently expanding into Canada

Over 300,000 members today

The HKN has also just merged with the IEEE this Fall

Who is qualified for membership

Who is qualified for membership?

Top 1/4 of juniors

Top 1/3 of seniors

Graduate students

EE/CMPEN Faculty

Prominent hkn members

Prominent HKN members

Larry Page, founder of Google

Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

Amar Bose, inventor of the Bose Speakers

Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail

David Filo, founder of Yahoo!

Henry Samueli, founder of Broadcom

HKN members are on the Board of

Directors at many top tech companies

including Google, IBM, Yahoo!,


Why join eta kappa nu

  • academic accomplishment and

  • strong character is publicly

  • recognized

    • Long Term Relationships - Build a network of long-term

  • relationships with HKN students

    • Receive Advice - interact with your department’s faculty on a personal basis and receive advice for your

  • future.

    • Resume Enhancer – use the group when seeking a

  • position or applying for graduate

  • school.

  • Why join Eta Kappa Nu?

    Why join eta kappa nu1

    Why join Eta Kappa Nu?

    Helping – tutor and help your classmates out with

    those unbearable core courses

    HKN Activities – will be offering group tour to nuclear

    reactor and future service events

    The BRIDGE - Enjoy a 2 year subscription to HKN’s


    Networking Opportunities - Gain numerous

    networking opportunities

    with corporations,

    government and


    Why join Eta Kappa Nu?

    IEEE/EKN Corporate Affiliations and Sponsors

    Hkn awards

    HKN Awards

    Participate in HKN’s extensive awards program:

    Outstanding Junior Student Award

    Outstanding Senior Student Award

    Outstanding Chapter Award

    Outstanding Teaching Award

    Distinguished Service Award

    Karapetoff Award for Technical Achievement

    Eminent Member

    Outstanding Young Electrical or Computer Engineer

    Officer positions

    Officer Positions

    Learn leadership skills by serving your chapter as an officer


    Vice President

    Co-Tutoring Chairs

    Recording Secretary

    Corresponding Secretary


    Web Correspondent

    Pledging requirements

  • -Typed

  • -Cover Page

  • -Signatures of chapter officers and faculty members

  • -Pledge Essay

    • Initiation fee

  • -$85 lifetime membership

  • Pledging Requirements

    Important dates

  • -Room 101 EE East

    • Initiation(7:00)

  • - Wednesday November 9th

  • - Room 101 EE East

  • - Formal Attire!!!

  • Important Dates

    For more information

    For more information

    Visit for more information about the National Eta Kappa Nu

    Visit see what Penn State’s EKN is all about