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Electrical and Computer Engineering PowerPoint Presentation
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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Electrical and Computer Engineering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electrical and Computer Engineering. Welcome!. What is ECE?. Acquiring, sending, receiving, processing, storing, and displaying information Computers, communications, medical electronics, video, CD players... Generating, transmitting and using electrical energy

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Electrical and Computer Engineering Welcome!

    2. What is ECE? • Acquiring, sending, receiving, processing, storing, and displaying information • Computers, communications, medical electronics, video, CD players... • Generating, transmitting and using electrical energy • Electric generators, motors, power supplies, micromachines, robots... • Meeting the needs of people • Solving problems, creating new technologies, devices, services and systems • Making a difference

    3. ECE in Healthcare

    4. ECE in Transportation

    5. ECE in Energy

    6. ECE in Communications

    7. ECE in Space Exploration Jupiter's moon Io and NASA's Galileo

    8. ECE is just about anywhere you look! High energy physics Video Games Weather Forecasting Batteries Solid State Devices Robotics Movie production and special effects

    9. ECE: Everywhere in the iPhone • 3G/WiFi/Bluetooth (wireless communication) • Audio/Video processing (signal processing) • ARM processor/controller (computer engineering) • Antenna and amplifier (analog design and EM) • Power circuit and battery (power electronics) • LCD and touch screen (optics and photonics)

    10. Careers for ECE Graduates • Hardware Design Engineer • System Engineer • Applications/Software Engineer • Marketing and Sales Engineer • Research and Development Eng • Biomedical Engineer • Engineering Management • Entrepreneurship • Education NASA Engineer Elionex Rodriquez WPI ECE Class of 2001

    11. Examples of Companies that Hire ECE Graduates

    12. Forbes: WPI Graduates Among Top 10 Earnings In DoL engineering salary survey, Computer Engineering is only second to Petroleum Engineering

    13. Our ECE Students Continue to Graduate Schools And many more …

    14. Why ECE at WPI? Our Program • Year 1: 2 ECE Courses • Theory integrated with hands-on labs. • Year 2: ECE design Course • Work in a team to design a real product • Year 3: Go Global — Projects Around the World • London, Venice, Bangkok, Melbourne, Washington, Copenhagen, Hong Kong… • Year 4: Senior Design Projects • Lincoln Labs, Silicon Valley, Bose, Intel, General Dynamics, Analog Devices… Namibia Project Students March, 2007

    15. Why ECE at WPI? Our Faculty • In 2008-2009, ECE Faculty were named • Trustees' Award for Outstanding Teaching • 4 past winners on ECE faculty • Trustees' Award for Outstanding Academic Advising • Denise Nicoletti Trustees' Award for Service to Community • Faculty Research and National Awards • $5M/year research expenditure • 4 IEEE Fellows • 4 CAREER Award and 1 Young Faculty Award • WPI is No. 1 for Student Faculty Interaction

    16. Why ECE at WPI? Student Life Poker Night Spark Party Fox Hunt IEEE Paintball Pizza Friday / BBQs Networking Dinner Hawaiian Shirt Days

    17. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Meet some students and visit historic Atwater Kent Laboratories The ECE Faculty and Staff Welcome You!

    18. Let the journey begin…. Picture taken by WPI ECE PicoSat MQP Project

    19. ECE BS/MS Program – Recently Introduced • Continue your M.S. degree immediately after completing your B.S. degree with up to 40% reduction in tuition costs. • It has been very attractive to our students • Get both BS and MS degrees in ECE within 5 years • Lots of applicants this year • Maximize Your Career Opportunities • Deeper understanding of one or more areas covered in ECE • Higher average salary levels relative to individuals possessing a B.S. degree, e.g., $21,000/year greater with an M.S. degree • Career advancement and leadership opportunities in industry

    20. Electrical and Computer Engineering Being Creative Solving Important Problems Making a Difference