financial exclusion in spain n.
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Financial exclusion in Spain

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Financial exclusion in Spain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Financial exclusion in Spain. Sara Carreño Iglesias Andrés Fernández Rodríguez Andrea Rodríguez García. Index. Background of Spain Level of financial exclusion Causes and consequences Government role Institutions Alternative way to finance projects Caja España y Montes de Piedad

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financial exclusion in spain

Financialexclusion in Spain

Sara Carreño Iglesias

Andrés Fernández Rodríguez

Andrea Rodríguez García

  • Background of Spain
  • Level of financial exclusion
  • Causes and consequences
  • Governmentrole
  • Institutions
  • Alternative waytofinanceprojects
  • Caja España y Montes de Piedad
  • Conclusions

King Juan Carlos I






$1,414 trillions


España: Paro

poverty in spain
Poverty in Spain

21,6% underthepoverty line


Before 2007…

Since 2008, near 10,500 bank branches have close in Spain

The most affected provinces are:

  • Barcelona (16,454 inhabitants)
  • Tarragona (14,258 inhabitants)
  • Caceres (14,229 inhabitants)
  • Madrid (11,319 inhabitants)

Castillaand León  the 75% of its municipalities

353,836 inhabitants = the 13.9% of the region’s total population

as a solution
As a solution…

Internet and telephone banking

E-commerce it is not very popular

Is essential that people have access to information and communications technology to prevent their financial exclusion


arising from the supply side

started by the demand part

The exclusion via conditions.

The fear of losing financial control.

The self-exclusion.

Cultural and religion reasons.

The preference of alternative suppliers

  • The exclusion via prices.
  • Commercial exclusion.
  • The complexity of options
  • The geographical access.
and consequences
… and consequences



The access difficulties

Incomes through their bank account

payment of bills gets costly

  • Depend on status and life experience of the people
  • Not well seen to paid big amounts of money in cash
as a facilitator
-As a facilitator:
  • an understanding of the problem
  • providing positive incentives to encourage the changes in the banking system
  • to promote financial inclusion
  • a support of market initiatives
  • contributing directly to the provision of financial services
as a legislator
-As a legislator:
  • Direct legislation every citizen should have access to specific basic transaction banking services
  • Indirect regulation remove obstacles that fortify financial exclusion.
  • Positives incentives innovations in the banking system to work for financial inclusion.
local authorities
Local authorities:
  • How local authorities can help against financial exclusion?
  • Giving economic aid to schools, retired people…
  • Build their own financial inclusion strategy
  • Working in partnership and support the development and growth of credit unions services
  • Developing as many as possible ideas in order to contribute together with national government

is the collection of finance from backers—the "crowd"—to fund an initiative and usually occurs on Internet platforms. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign, a political campaign, a charitable campaign, a commercial campaign or a financing campaign for a startup company.

the cosmonaut

The Cosmonaut is a Spanish science fiction film, released in May 2013. It is one of the best known cases of the use of crowdfunding in our country.

  • Producer from just 2 € and receive instead a welcome pack, a producer certificate, entry into a drawing for an authentic costume cosmonaut and your name in the credits.”
  • 400.000 €

Club Balonmano Ademar León is a Spanish handball team founded in our city, León. The team plays in Liga ASOBAL and Velux EHF Champions League.

They offered :

5 € = thanks and post tweet

20 € = video with the best moments

30 € =

35 € = VIP tickets

50 € = the name in the stadium

100 € = End of Season Dinner

150 € = the name on the shirt of a player

500 € = clinic with coaches

600 € = play a game: fans vs official team


These organizations are a “peculiarity” of the Spanish financial systems that fight against poverty and financial exclusion.

  • Objective: get loans to families with emergency needs, giving the most favorable conditions possible.