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The 2012 Brownlow

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The 2012 Brownlow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The 2012 Brownlow. Jo Bailey Award. The award is named in honour of Jo Bailey, wife of Fullback of the Century and Carlton legend, Stephen Silvagni, for her display of excellence, beauty and style over many years. Welcome to my take on the WAGs and outfits at this years 2012 Brownlow Medal.

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The 2012 Brownlow

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    1. The 2012 Brownlow Jo Bailey Award

    2. The award is named in honour of Jo Bailey, wife of Fullback of the Century and Carlton legend, Stephen Silvagni, for her display of excellence, beauty and style over many years. Welcome to my take on the WAGs and outfits at this years 2012 Brownlow Medal

    3. Callan Ward enjoying the wads of cash at GWS with – you have to love it when its just listed as ‘partner’! Here’s a tip darling – get a better publicist or a better date!

    4. One of the favourites Trent Cotchin and Brooke Kennedy. Am a bit unsure on the outfit. Torn between ‘red carpet glamour’ and ‘nana’s loungreroom curtains”.

    5. Paddy Dangerfield and the lovely Mardi Harwood. Maybe he won’t be coming back to Victoria having found one of the few attractive SA ‘ladies’

    6. Ryan Griffen and the very bright Jasmin Putra. Still unsure on this outfit, but she certainly fills it well

    7. The Coleman medalist and All Australian Full forward . . . What? Seriously? You mean, he wasn’t in the AA?? FFS! Ok, the Coleman medalist with Carly Ziegler

    8. Jack Grimes with a very rare Melbourne ‘win’ – the lovely Jade Tyrell

    9. Kade Simpson with a very hot looking and often repeated name of the night “partner”

    10. Inaugural winner of the Jim Stynes award, Jackson and Jenny Moodie.

    11. Jay Schulz and his stunning wife Amy

    12. Juddy and Rebecca. Am a big fan of twiggers work, but she seems to be wasting away. She needs to drop the Tania Hird diet.

    13. Once again proving how attractive women are never shallow and are always attracted to a man’s personality. . . Ivan Maric and the Erin Howard

    14. Chris Newmans wife Lauren

    15. Mitch Clark towering over his date Samantha Blades

    16. NicNat and Elli Demasi. Of course, if this award was being done by the AA panel, he’d have won already. I mean its not like he was outperformed in all areas by say, the less than fashionable Sam Jacobs

    17. Not often does a coach make our list – but an exception WILL be made for Brenton Sanderson and the lovely Veronika Temmerova

    18. Steele Sidebottom and the beautiful Lauren Longstaff.

    19. Dane Swan and the surprisingly ‘free from ink’, Taylor Wilson. When asked about anything, Dane responded, “Yeahhhhh, naahhhhhh, maaaaaate”. No doubt a spot on Ch 7 commentary team awaits!

    20. Brownlow favourite Scott Thompson pretty chuffed not to be out with a Salisbury scrubber. Here with the actress Jessica McNamee looking very glamourous although, is that a sports bra???

    21. The North Scott Thompson with Lauren Gear. Just how many bloody Laurens are there ???

    22. The resilient Shane Tuck, punching above his weight as always with his gorgeous wife Katherine.

    23. The What the ? Before we get into the judging, lets change the pace a bit and highlight some of the poorer efforts.

    24. Nice of Leroy to do go to his dates Deb Ball just before the Brownlow.

    25. Normally we have a lot of time for Denise Bartlett. But really, what’s with the shoes. Its not shopping at Coles!

    26. Milney and his wife Melissa. Come on Stephen, she’s easily over 21. You are fooling no one.

    27. Heath Scotland’s wife Alisha is one of our favourites. But this year, it was a massive miss for this. Somewhere, an entire forest of tulle has died for this!

    28. A rare feat for someone so young – 2 years running in the WTF category! Maybe its just the hair, or the fact he picks dates that have Milney salivating. Dyson – lift! You have an Essendon table to compete with.

    29. At least she’s looking less terrified than she was in front of the camera’s.

    30. Previous winner Gavin Wanganeen and his wife Phillipa, modelling for the next range of toilet roll holders we think.

    31. What should have been a triumph for Ryan O’Keefe’s wife Tara was instead a disaster. Everything is perfect, EXCEPT for the modesty panel at the front. You’re not 75 honey. Either get some Hollywood tape or try another dress.

    32. Ok, I know he’s the player of the century, but does his wife really need a matching halo????

    33. Tom Rockliff and Jenna Cumming. Everything was going swell. Lovely designer dress, hot AFL player, invite to the Brownlow. All until whoosh, you revealed you’d worn your favourite sandals ! Hey I know they are supposed to match the lovely blue through the dress, but sorry, “FAIL!”

    34. It’s so bad its actually funny. Thanks Kevin Murray.

    35. Some “Boom tish” moments In honour of Kelvin Cunnington.

    36. Kerry DOES love big Cox! Haaaaa Haaaaa !

    37. Cougar alert! Rooooaaaaarrrrrr

    38. Its rumored, that this guy, is from the country Who would have known?

    39. David Swallow with his wife Elise. Haaaaa Haaaaa Swallow? Get it ??? Get it ??? Haaaaaa Haaaaaa

    40. Some Musings. . . . Typically, Channel 7 still struggle on presenting the ladies for our, errr consumption. However, for them, I will repeat my free advice. greet the couples ask her where she got her dress Make her twirl so we can assess T&A next. 5 minute segments on Josh Gibson are so . . . Well, I’m BORED now. Muskets at dawn!

    41. The Rising Star award Awarded to what we believe are good first up efforts at the Brownlow. Apologies if they have been there before, but hey, it’s the first time we’ve noticed them!

    42. Rising Star Adam Treloar and the lovely in lemon, Kelsey Tomkins Right :Jeremey Cameron and Katie Parker

    43. Rising Star Jonathon Giles and what we always love from our Rising Stars. An unnamed “Partner”!

    44. Rising Star Ok, the Hawk has big hands, but I’m sure “they” look big even in his! Tom Hawkins and Emma Clapham

    45. Rising Star -Winner Chris Mayne made every post a winner with the sensational Kathleen Furey. Bet she looks a picture on the beach at Cottesloe!

    46. And to our finalists Big improvement this year with some very lovely ladies in wonderful outfits that displayed all of their . . .. personality! As always, we had a few regulars, but also a good number of first up entrants

    47. Pia Miller on the red carpet. Memo AFL – we are a bit disappointed that a certain S Hampson of Carlton wasn’t invited.

    48. Dayne Beams and Kelly Meehan.

    49. The winner who’s date Ella Keddie was looking especially hot

    50. Paul Chapman and Lauren Smith