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VT Solutions

VT Solutions

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VT Solutions

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    1. VT Solutions Virtual Teaming & Online Meeting Management

    2. Staff Lemario Law- Project Manager Perla De La Rosa- Project Manager Marianne Burke- Formal Report Liasion Terry Anne Jobson- Presentation Coordinator Clarence Thompson- Website Developer Cesar Jaimes- Research Coordinator

    3. Mission Statement Our team is designed to present information on virtual teaming, not to create it. We are committed to complete the upcoming team assignments given by our BISM 2100 instructors in a timely, ethically, and diligently manner.

    4. Products & Services Qwaq Forum Yugma

    5. Suited to fit your needs Standard Package: voice-over, chatting, unlimited video conferencing, and e-mail invitations to join conference Users are able to share files and video for approval by other members 4 out of the 5 bundles give the opportunity to meet with 16 people at once

    6. Qwaq Forum enterprise collaboration 3-D virtual environments avatars interact with co-workers, create and edit documents use corporate applications VoIP and text chat lacks fine-grained permissions

    7. user-friendly Not all users have to download the software on each of their computers connect then by phone, computer, or teleconference Able to conveniently schedule meetings Video available share documents to be viewed by all and make changes to final documents online

    8. Yugma less complicated than competing products requires little training offers an easy access tutorial access to file sharing, desktop sharing and teleconferencing whiteboard and annotated tools, keyboard sharing, recording, Skype integration and live technical support

    9. Product Comparison Qwaq concentrates more on selling to corporations and small teams offers higher prices than competitors ,based on the number of users offers its license to a minimum of five users at $80.00 per user, but as the number of users increases the pricing decreases.

    10. Product Comparison contd. Yugma Most features are free simple and affordable but does not carry many advanced features has slow running time and screen sharing problems limited video capabilities, two-person conferencing, video feature is easier than other products

    11. Product Comparison Contd. WebEx & MegaMeeting Offers many similar products, but WebEx has fewer amenities teleconferencing ,video conferencing, point presentations, document sharing, e-mail invites, and IM messaging WebEx for low budget users & basic presentations Mega Meeting enables users to use own servers for privacy high quality software available in ten different countries connecting them to each other without the lost of speed and data companies can have an unlimited number of members in there online conference without delays in speed and accuracy of data advanced technical support line rooms customized to show the companies logo

    12. Recommendations Qwaq Forum increase productivity for virtual teams security remains a big issue service may turn out to be costly 3-D environment can distract users

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