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Malay Kampong Games

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Malay Kampong Games. Gasing, Congkak, Sepak Raga and Jong are some of the games we are going to introduce. Gasing.

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malay kampong games

Malay Kampong Games

Gasing, Congkak, Sepak Raga and Jong are some of the games we are going to introduce.



Gasing was a popular Malay game among children and adults. It was played during festivals or for fun. Gasing competitions were often held in kampongs and in most cases involved the whole village.



Congkak is an indoor game played by two players by taking turns to fill in the holes on the congkak board with congkak seeds. Each player is entitled to eight holes with the left-most one being his "home". The player with the most number of seeds in his "home" wins the game.

sepak raga

Sepak Raga

Sepak raga is a ball game with the Malays. It is played by several players standing in a circle, kicking the bola raga in the air to one another, preventing it from touching the ground. The end of a round of comes about when the ball drops and touches the ground. This game gives a sense of team spirit among players.



Jong are model sailboats. This sailing competition, would see the gathering of villagers within the kampong as well as those from around the area. Each kampong would send about four jong to the race. Before the race , the men would build tents and preparing the race area while the women prepared food for the competitors and spectators. After the race, at night, the kampong folk treated themselves to a ronggeng dance.

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