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Sparrow Ambattur Best Practices

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Sparrow Ambattur Best Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sparrow Ambattur Best Practices. Be a leader in Heath, Safety, Sustainability and Workers satisfaction in Bangladesh. Sparrow-ACL CSR Programs. Lead in Fire Safety in Bangladesh Lead in Environmentally responsible green company Reach HIGG LEVEL 3 by 2015

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sparrow ambattur best practices

Sparrow Ambattur Best Practices

Be a leader in Heath, Safety, Sustainability and Workers satisfaction in Bangladesh

sparrow acl csr programs
Sparrow-ACL CSR Programs
  • Lead in Fire Safety in Bangladesh
  • Lead in Environmentally responsible green company
    • Reach HIGG LEVEL 3 by 2015
  • Maximum workers satisfaction and minimum workers attrition
  • Empowering women and improve women health standards
  • Training and constant communication with the employees
  • Elected Workers Participatory Committee
    • Involved in decision making, constant Voice of the workforce surveys
  • Incentive and reward system: productivity, rework and quality
  • Maximum transparency and partnership with vendors
csr business
CSR = Business
  • Result => 80% of the Workforce are with Sparrow for 5+ years
  • No Interruption of work in the middle of all the Political and social issues


Ann Taylor

American Eagle Outfitters


Banana Republic

Bass Pro




Old Navy



Zara Kids


Michael Kors


salary and wages
Salary and Wages








worker distribution in production lines
Worker Distribution in Production Lines
  • Large number of highly Skilled Labors
  • Very low attrition rate
  • High Productivity
  • Low Defect and Rework
rewards bonuses and incentive
Rewards: Bonuses and Incentive
  • Yearly Profit Sharing
  • 5% of the Yearly Net Profit
  • Employee Ownership

Two Incentive Bonuses per year (55-60%)

Production Target Bonus 3%

Attendance Bonus (Tiered) - 5 to 10% per month

lead in fire safety
Lead in Fire Safety
  • Started joint initiative with Gap Inc. on October 2012
    • Full electrical system audit and Structural Audit by International Consultants
    • Be the first Garment industry in Bangladesh to install a centralized Fire Detection and Monitoring System
    • Install automatic Sprinkler System, and Fire doors
    • Have dedicated Fire safety department with Fire Marshall and trained fire fighting staff
    • Have 300 trained staff with Fire Training certificate (In Each Unit)
      • Trained all 5000 employees on basic fire safety (in each unit)
    • Conduct Fire Drill every month in the presence of Fire Department
  • In process of getting Completed by March 31, 2014
    • Complete the underground water reservoir, diesel operated high pressure fire pump, fire hydrant system around the building and every floor
electrical system upgrades
Electrical System Upgrades


  • Completely Dust Free Electrical Circuit Box
  • Fully load balanced Circuit
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance

Advance Fire Detection

Automatic Fire Detection Systems

Centralized monitoring

Manual Fire Alerts

Powerful Audio Visual Alerts

training and awareness
Training and awareness

Fire Training and safety

Practical training and demonstration

Certified Fire Fighting Team

Regular Fire Evacuation Drill


Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System in the Warehouse

Fire Door Protecting Warehouse to Factory – Smoke and Fire Protection

safe environment friendly work place
Safe, Environment Friendly work place



Natural Green Setting

green initiative and energy efficiency
Green Initiative and Energy Efficiency

Heat Recovery from by returning steam into condensate unit to Boiler

Natural Gas based boilers with water softener

Special valves and Condensate Recovery for steam loss protection in finishing

Solar Panels providing power to warehouses – 12%

Committed to HIGG Index 2 by Dec 2013 and HIGG Index 3 by 2015

Replacement of lights with LED and T5 Light-set

Energy Efficient Servo motors for Sewing Machines

Front loading washers and Zero water based washer – gradually by 2016

summary of higg index 2
Summary of HIGG Index 2

Saving Pledge

  • Sparrow is Making a Saving Pledge of USD 118,313
  • The Pledge is to save 32% of Total Energy Usage by end of 2014
    • This will reduce Greenhouse Gas (Carbon) by 1300 CO2e
  • The Pledge will be met by Dec 2014
  • The Implementation will be done in phases and continuous and monthly reports will show the progress
    • Total Investment will be around USD 310,000

Green Initiatives

Solar Panels – 8% of the energy needs

ETP Plant

ETP Plant

Treated Water Reused for Gardening


Visual Tour




Quality Control

employee welfare
Employee Welfare
  • RO Plant for safe drinking water, Doctor and Nurses
  • Maternity Benefit and special maternity care
    • First Doctor Visit and doctor assisted child birth support
  • Child Care and education scholarship on basis of merit
  • Medical Assistance
  • Special assistance for special needs:
    • Emergency medical expense for the family
    • Family Wedding and other special needs

Employee Welfare

Medical and Day Care Center

Financial Support for Special needs

In house doctor and Nurse


HERs Project

  • Participated Twice and trained 500+ women
    • Women health, sanity, safety, discipline and empowerment
continuous training skill improvements
Continuous training & Skill improvements
  • Training program for Sewing operators
    • Special retention and promotion program for Helpers or entry level people
  • University affiliated practical training program
    • Merchandisers
    • Industrial Engineers
    • Production Technicians

(Currently working with Santo Maria University in Dhaka)

  • Training sessions for different employees at all levels

Training – All levels, All the time

IT Users training

Mid Management Training

Security Team training

Orientation Program

elected and active workers committee
Elected and Active Workers Committee

Employees voices are heard and represented

  • Elected Workers Participatory Committee (WPC)
    • Elected by direct voting by the workers and election conducted by the Government Labor department
    • WPC is involved in all decision making along with the factory Owners and Management
    • Regular WPC committee meeting with HR department, and Top Management
    • Constant two way communications – Satisfied workers who does not use violence as a mean
    • Open door policy by Factory owners

Empowered WPC

Employees Voting for WPC

Regular meeting with Management and WPC

employee retention programs just do it
Employee Retention Programs – Just do it
  • Employee society
    • Owns two Trucks used for transportation of the company goods and profits return to workers – Employee managed
  • Annual Picnic and recreation program
  • Annual Sports
  • Annual Celebration of New Years
  • Profit Sharing Program
  • Continuous training of middle Management, KPI for Managers on worker retention and very active and trained HR team
    • Orientation program, promotions and growth, talent management, exit interviews

We give employees ownership

Annual Picnic where the top Entertainers of the country Performs

10 years completion Award

Annual Sports and Games

Worker’s Appreciation and Rewards