We are here to teach and support Knowledge is a new perspective of development, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are here to teach and support Knowledge is a new perspective of development, PowerPoint Presentation
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We are here to teach and support Knowledge is a new perspective of development,

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We are here to teach and support Knowledge is a new perspective of development,
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We are here to teach and support Knowledge is a new perspective of development,

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  1. We are here to teach and support Knowledge isa new perspective of development, we are hire to support it.

  2. Knowledge Sp z o.o. company existsince 1994. It was created to supportthe development of ourclientsthroughtheprofessionalassistance of financial and human resources consulting and throughtraining. We provide services in finance and accounting, personneladministration, compensation, human resources. Company has established in Warsaw and has a branchesallover Poland according to project.

  3. We implementprojectsco-financed by the European Social Fund for thedisabled, social and digitalmarginalizedpeople, unemployedyoung and over 50 years old people etc. We alsoorganizetraining and workshopslike: Management, Finance and Accounting, Administration, Marketing and sales, commercial and corporate law, labor law, computer programs, health, safety and fireprotection, development of interpersonalrelations, Public Relations, Writingapplications for fundingfrom EU structuralfunds, Negotiation, Computer programs for financial accounting and Raks Symphony, interpersonalCommunication, Assertiveness, effectivetrader, directcustomer service.


  5. The company hasbeencertified by thePolish Centre of Certificationconfirmingcompliancewiththerequirements of ISO 9001:2008 inthe field of lifelong learning and adulteducation and otherforms of education and certificates ECDL (European Computer Driving License) authorizingus to organizetests of the ECDL Core and ECDL Start. Certificats

  6. Knowledge atthe moment focus on: providingservices in finance and accounting for Polish and foreign companes. Realisation of projectfromEuropean Union for disabled, young, elderlyunemployedpeopleect. ECDL examinationsover Poland activity

  7. Most of theprojecthave pathof participantwhichincluded: • Individual career counseling. • vocational training (depend of vocationwhichisneededinarea) • workshops of general competencies: - Training in ECDL START. -Active job search workshops • Psychosocial skills training • 3-month internship Projects

  8. Actualprojects

  9. The project is targeted to 60 unemployed people aged 18-24 with low education, living in the regionkujawsko-pomorski. PATH OF PARTICIPATION:-Workshops of key competencies and active job search techniques• active job search workshops• psychosocial skills training• computer literacy course-Vocational training (one of the following):- Computer graphics DTP + web designer - 300 hours.- Employee offices of HR and Payroll Management - 300 hours.- Employee offices of accounting services - 300 hours.- Welder MIG and MAG - 300 hours.-Work experience / internships 3 months-Career guidance and job placement.-Individual psychological support Young-Active

  10. The program is aimed at 96 employees of Sector of small, medium-sized businesses from the area of ​​the Mazowieckie Provinceinageover 45 years,loweducated DESCRIPTION OF TRAINING:-European Computer Driving Licence - 90 hours.The purpose of training is to acquire the computer skills of a certified European Computer Driving Licence Certificate. To prepare participants for the examination of the seven ECDL modules. The whole program is based on the guidelines of Polish Information Processing Society.-Computer programs payroll - 70 hours.-Computer graphics with text composition - 70 hours.-European Computer Driving Licence - WebStarter - 70 hours.ECDL Certificate certifies WebStarter about having the basic skills to use tools for creating HTML pages and websites. e-skills 45 plus

  11. Project was aimed for 210 women which get back after maternal, child-careleave,or are unemployed, live in Warsaw and souring areas. Project path Workshops: • psychosocial skills training (24h)• Workshops Wind in Sails – outdoor session Training: • „ Financial and counting computers programs with elements of English language (140h) • "Specialist HR and payroll with elements of English" (160h)• "Human Resource Management" certificate IFG (120h)• "Basic computer skills ECDL certified" (160h)• "Flowers and arrangement with elements of the enterprise" (130h)• "Obtaining and writing projects from EU and nationalfunds " (70h)• „Traderwithlicense category B" (190h)Accompanying measures:• legal advice• Psychological counseling• meeting with the make-up artist, stylist• childcare Women-Education-Family

  12. Mature career-activation of the unemployed peopleover 50 years of age. The project is aimed at 90 peopleinage 18-24 and 50-64 withdifrent disabilities, loweducated (up to secondary school) unemployed ,living in the Wielkopolska region.PATH OF PARTICIPATION:-Vocational training (one of the following):   • Wireman   • Welder MIG and MAG   • Warehouse-seller   • Gardener - maintenance of green areas-Apprenticeships / traineeships 4 mounths-Career guidance and job placement.

  13. " European mobilityelderlypeoplefrom Warmia„ Project addressed to 60 people between the ages of 50 to 60 (65 years old). Project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci program. The aim of the project is to prepare participants for a work placement in Grece (28 days).Preparation of 3 groups :-activation of professional training (60 hours)-English language course 150 hours,-cultural preparation 18 hours.After preparation participants in the three groups of 14 persons leave for training in Grece. Internship in three competitions: health and welfare, elderly and childrencaregiver, alternative tourism

  14. The project was aimed at 90 people with disabilities aged 18-24 and 50-64 unemployed living in the Wielkopolska region.PATH OF PARTICIPATION:1 Recruitment and training needs diagnosis2Workshops of key competencies and active job search techniques   • Workshops actively looking for a job - 40 hours.   • psychosocial skills training - 40 hours   • compute workshop of ECDL r - 120 hours. completed exam3 vocational training   - Graphic loss CompTIA certified IT Fundamentals "- 220 hours.   - The seller of IT products and services with certified CompTIA Strata for sales "220 hours.   - Web Designer CompTIA certified IT Fundamentals loss "220 hours.4 Internships with employers - 3 month -paid "Todaytraining, tomorrowemployment. A comprehensive program of support forunemployed, disabled people "