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Creating an Effective Presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating an Effective Presentation

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Creating an Effective Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Creating an Effective Presentation
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  1. Creating an Effective Presentation Week 7 Introduction to Web-Based Mentoring and Distance Education

  2. Week 7: Creating an Effective Presentation Think-Abouts…. • How many times have you seen an effective presentation? • What words come to mind when you think of an effective presentation? (Lively, relevant, telling, organized, research-based, focused, practical…)

  3. Table of Contents • Components of an Effective Presentation • Tips for Writing Presentations • Tips for Writing your Action Plan Presentations • Resources for Writing Presentations I.

  4. I. Components of an Effective Presentation • Includes a lively and relevant title slide • Provides an overview of the presentation at the beginning • Includes strong supporting examples to clarify concepts • Follows a logical, coherent progression from point to point • Summarizes key points at the end • Highlights recent and pertinent research • Uses active and ‘powerful’ language • Legible (appropriate font size, colors and layout design) • Focuses on two to three main points • Anticipates the needs of the audience • Lists references consulted

  5. I. Components of an Effective Presentation • Focuses on content • Content is logical, clear and and simple • Builds upon audiences’ prior knowledge • Encourages learners to apply and transfer information • Engaging and well-edited text

  6. II. Tips for Writing Presentations • Do your research • Know your audience • Consider time (for instance slideshows should not be too long) • Think about the various mediums that can be used to display information • Anticipate questions people may have • Focus the content to essential information

  7. Standardize position, color and styles of display Avoid acronyms and abbreviations Clip art should enhance and complement text (not overwhelm) Address the audience as “you” instead of “they” II. Tips for Writing Presentations • Prevent excessive use of the same word over again • Use ‘power’ and ‘command’ words to make your point confidently • Consider using appropriate quotations • Link to other sites with relevant information

  8. Identify the target audience for your presentation. Consider potential questions. Highlight 2-3 main points about your project. Add optional links to additional information such as templates, content presentations or scoring tools you have created for your lesson/unit plan. Describe your vision for the project. Review the templates from previous weeks to find pertinent information. III. Tips for Writing your Action Plan Presentations

  9. IV. Resources for Writing Presentations • The Art of Communicating Effectively • Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation • Effective Presentations • Creating Effective Presentations • 10 Tips for Designing Effective Presentation Visuals