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May 7, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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May 7, 2009

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May 7, 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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May 7, 2009
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  1. STAR Asia Meeting 2009 @KISTI Supercomputing Center High Performance Data Transfer on KREONet2 and GLORIAD May 7, 2009 Dongkyun Kim, PhD, KISTI

  2. CONTENTS 목차 ▷ KREONET & GLORIAD-KR ▷ KRLight on GLIF ▷ High Performance Data Transfer for Advanced Applications ▷ Future Research Network Developments

  3. KREONET2 & GLORIAD-KR I • KREONET2 • Korea’s National Science & Research Network • Funded by Korean government since 1988 • Up to 30Gbps Backbone & 10Gbps User Connections • About 200 connected R&E organizations in Korea • Universities, Research Institutes, Government Organizations • 58 gigabit user orgs (1G/10G) • GLORIAD-KR • The First 10Gbps International Hybrid Networks in Korea • 10G to USA (Seattle), 10G to China (Hong Kong) • KRLight and GOLE Coordination to GLIF Playground • Hybrid Research Network Services • Lightpath Provisioning for Advanced Applications • Globally dedicated end-to-end quality path (1G~10G) • Dark fiber/WDM, SONET/SDH, Multiple 1GEs & 10GEs • IP Production Networks forGeneral R&E Applications • IPv4 Unicast & Multicast / IPv6 Gigabit Networks

  4. KREONET2 & GLORIAD-KR II US 10G Gangnung Seoul Incheon Pohang Ochang Suwon Daegu Cheonan Daejeon Busan 10G Changwon JeonJu HK Gwangju KIX, DACOM IX, KT IX, BIX,6NGIX Jeju -Optical + packet hybrid network on 14 regional GigaPoPs and 2 Intl. Centers -22 R&E Network Peers : NRENs in Europe, North America, and Asia -58 1G/10G user connections for HEP, Medical, Aerospace, Future Internet, etc. KISTI _4

  5. KREONET Hybrid Networks I Packet Switched Network Optical Circuit Switched Network Incheon Seoul Seoul Incheon Kangnung Kangnung Suwon Suwon 30Gbps Ochang ~30Gbps Ochang Daejeon Cheonan Cheonan Daejeon SuperSIReN ~15Gbps Pohang Pohang 10Gbps Jeonju 1040Gbps Daegu Daegu Jeonju 5Gbps Changwon Busan Changwon Busan Kwangju Kwangju 2.5Gbps Jeju Jeju KISTI _5

  6. KREONET Hybrid Networks II Network Coverage CPE Connectors Cisco/Juniper Routers IP Cisco/Force10 Switches Ethernet Cisco/Nortel Muxes SONET/SDH Optical DWDM/DF SuperSiREN ROADM/DWDM Phase I Phase II Phase III IP VN1 LP + VN VN2 VN3 IP LP IP VN4… VNn KISTI _6

  7. Global Ring Network for Advanced Applications The First 10Gbps International Hybrid Networks in Korea KISTI _7

  8. GLORIAD-KR Hybrid Networks I Hong Kong, China Daejeon, Korea Seattle, USA Cisco GSR Cisco GSR Cisco OSR … … … 10GE N*1GE 10GE N*1GE 10GE N*1GE Force10 Force10 Cisco Catalyst … … … N*1GE N*1GE N*1GE 10GE 10GE 10GE OC192 OC192 Nortel OME Nortel OME Nortel OME 2008. 07 KISTI _8

  9. GLORIAD-KR Hybrid Networks II Application Endpoint A Application B Application C Application Endpoint Z IP Ethernet SONET DWDM Fiber IP Ethernet SONET DWDM Fiber IP Ethernet SONET DWDM Fiber IP Ethernet SONET DWDM Fiber Modified by DKKim, generated by Cees De Laat, University of Amsterdam KISTI _9

  10. Lightpath Production1(Common) Production2 (Advanced) Experimental1(General) Experimental2 (Specialized) Basic Research • Layer 1 and layer 2 end-to-end lightpaths through • wavelength, STS-x/Vc-4-x, VLAN and LSP with • dedicated bandwidth and QoS support (GLIF) • provide excellent quality of on point-to-point • connections at very high speed (~40G) • -not constrained by traditional framing, routing, • and transport protocols • -are becoming integral part of scientific instruments • -enable creation of Optical Private Networks (OPN) Joe Membretti, Northwestern University

  11. KREONET & GLORIAD-KR Hybrid Networks • Hybrid Networks? • IP production network for general Internet applications • Dedicated bandwidth reservation for advanced applications • Advanced Applications? • Usually Require : • High Performance Data Transfer • Global Collaborations • IP Network cannot GUARANTEE: • Deterministic End-to-end Quality of Service • Even on local research network when congested • So, What? • World turning its direction to Hybrid Networks • Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) began in 2001 • KRLight started in 2005 with GLORIAD-KR

  12. GLIF Playground = GOLEs + Intl. Lambdas KRLight/Korea KREONET NOC GLIF Playground KISTI _12

  13. GOLE : Lightpath Exchanging in 18 Locations GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange • NorthernLight–Stockholm, SE • Pacific Wave (LAX)-Los Angeles, CA, USA • Pacific Wave (SEA)–Seattle, WA, USA • Pacific Wave (JSV)–Sunnyvale, CA, USA • StarLight–Chicago, IL, USA • T-LEX–Tokyo, JP • UKLight–London, UK • SouthernLight-Sao Paulo, BR • AMPATH–Miami, FL, USA • CERN–Geneva, CH • CzechLight–Praha, CZ • HKOEP-Hong Kong, CN • KRLight–Daejoen, KR • MAN LAN-New York, NY, USA • MoscowLight–Moscow, RU • NetherLight–Amsterdam, NL • NGIX-East–Washington, DC, USA • TaiwanLight-Taipei, TW KISTI _13

  14. KRLight, a GOLE of Korea as of Today HKIOEP (HKLight) n x 10Gbit/s 10Gbit/s 10Gbit/s KREONet2 KREONet2 … CANARIE CANARIE 1Gbit/s GLORIAD CSTNET GLORIAD CANARIE … CERNET CERNET n x 1Gbit/s 10Gbit/s GLORIAD KREONet2 1Gbit/s CUHK CUHK ASGCnet ASGCnet Seattle HKU HKU 1Gbit/s CUHK 1Gbit/s KRLight Topology – Sep. 2008 GLORIADprovides connection KREONet2 operates connection 1Gbit/s connection 10Gbit/s connection HKU ASGC KISTI _14

  15. NetherLight‏, the Netherlands

  16. StarLight, USA

  17. KISTI-BNL Data Transfer / STAR Project 2008-2009 10GE: 134.75.208.x Created by Dongkyun Kim, Nov. 3rd 2008 -NOW- ~ 14 1GE: 10GE: Test Server Storage 1 To ESNet, BNL 1GE VLAN3303 10GE Storage 2 SC, KISTI KRLight KRLight KRLight KRLight KRLight 4* 1GE Cisco Ca6509 Cisco OSR7606 Force10 E600 Nortel OME6500 Nortel OME6500 10GE Force10 E600 1GE STS-3c-7v 10Gbps Storage 3 1GE 10GE Daejeon, KR Daejeon, KR Daejeon, KR Seattle, USA Daejeon, KR Daejeon, KR 1GE : Storage 4 Dedicated Congestion-free Lightpath + Traffic Engineered IP Path -Before- Test Server Storage 1 1GE/10GE Storage 2 SC, KISTI Cisco Ca6509 KREONET/ GLORIAD To ESNet, BNL KISTI LAN/SC Network Storage 3 Daejeon, KR Storage 4 Shared IP Networks (No guarantee of QoS) KISTI _17

  18. KISTI-BNL Data Transfer / STAR Project 2008-2009

  19. StarLight Force10 E1200 Chicago, US LightPath Inter-cont. LP KR : Korea, NO : Norway US : USA, NL : Netherlands DK : Denmark Norway-Korea medical 1Gbps Lightpath over GOLEs Apr. 25, 2008 updated by Dongkyun, Trond, Albert, David, Ronald, Dongkyu, Kwangjong Pwave NetherLight KRLight KREONET GLORIAD-KR Trans-Pacific Trans-Atlantic Cisco Ca6509 Nortel HDXc Cisco ONS15600 Cisco ONS15454 sts-3c-7v over OC192 10GE OC24 VC4-7V Via GEANT Amsterdam, NL Seattle, US Seoul, KR Daejeon, KR 10GE 7*GE NorthernLight NorthernLight KRLight KREONET KRLight Alcatel TSS1850 Alcatel TSS1850 Force10 E600 OC24 over OC192 Cisco OSR7606 Test Machine 1GE 1GE VC4-7V Daejeon, KR Oslo, NO Copenhagen, DK Daejeon, KR Seattle, US UNINETT KRLight CANARIE HP 2900 24G 1GE 1GE Force10 E600 Cisco ONS15454 UNINETT 1GE 1GE Test Machine Oslo, NO 10GE Seattle, US Seattle, US Tronheim, NO UNINETT Tronheim-U YonSei-H YonSei-H HP 2900 24G MSPP or GE Switch Alcatel LS6224 Cisco Ca3750 1GE Tronheim, NO Tronheim, NO Seoul, KR Seoul, KR 1GE 1GE YonSei-H Tronheim-H Tronheim-U Tronheim-H 1GE HD Machine HD Machine MSPP or GE Switch MSPP or GE Switch 1GE Seoul, KR Tronheim, NO Tronheim, NO Tronheim, NO KISTI _19

  20. KISTI-EVL GIST-EVL USA-Korea 6Gbps Lightpath, VisualCasting 2008 Draft Updated by Dongkyun, 12Mar2008 Pwave StarLight KRLight KREONet2 KRLight N* 10GE GLORIAD-KR 5*GE Force10 E1200 Cisco Ca6509 CAVEwave Cisco 6509 Cisco ONS15600 Force10 E600 10GE Chicago, US Daejeon, KR Seattle, US Daejeon, KR Daejeon, KR 10GE KRLight Cisco Ca7606 6*OC24 over OC192 End Nodes N*1GE Node 10GE 1*OC24 over OC192 6*GE Seattle, US KRLight CANARIE 10GE KREONet2 KREONet2 6*GE Force10 E600 Cisco ONS15454 Cisco ONS15454 OSR 7609 1*1GE 2*GE 2*GE Seattle, US Seattle, US Gwangju, KR Gwangju, KR LightPath Routed Path GIST EVL 10GE Hybrid Path 1GE Force10 E300 End Nodes Cisco7609 End Nodes N*1GE Node Node US : USA, KR : South Korea Gwangju, KR Chicago, US KISTI _20

  21. Spain-Canada-Korea Lightpath, 2004 cHD270m Transmission over 3-continent Lightpath@ITU/T Asia Telecom 2004 (KR, SP) KREONet2, KISTI, Korea CA*net4, CANARIE, Canada GEANT, Europe New York, US New York, US Seattle, US Daejeon Cisco ONS #2 Daejeon Cisco ONS #1 STM-4 STM-4 Daejeon CA*net4 Juniper M160 1GigE 1GigE 1GigE VLAN633 tagging GEANT RedIRIS, Spain 1GigE STS24c Barcelona, ES Madrid, ES RedIRIS Test Machine Juniper M160 Juniper M20 Juniper T320 ONS15454 Anella Científica 1GigE Gwangju Fi2CAT/UPC, Spain Gwangju ONS OPTera 5200 1GigE L3 switch 1GigE Cisco 4506 λ λ VLAN633 tagging Router Cisco 6513 Barcelona, ES 1GigE STM-4 circuit 1GigE 1GigE circuit Martini Layer2 circuit HD270m receiver,, GIST, Gwangju HD270m sender, I2CAT, Castelldefels CESCA, Spain GIST, NetMedia LAB KISTI _21

  22. USA-Korea 10G Lightpath@iGRID2005 GLORIAD San Deigo, USA Daejeon, KOREA • Content • First day (28, Sep 2005)- Robot Performance- 1:1 Robot Fighting • Second day (29, Sep 2005)- Remote Presentation (HEP) KISTI _22

  23. NL-USA/CA-Korea 10G LP, OptIPuter 2006 - 2007 KISTI-SARA-UIC-GIST on Feb 22, 2006 Korea, the Netherlands, the US, and Canada participated over 10G Lightpath on GLORIAD/GLIF KISTI _23

  24. PerfSONAR Lightpath Monitoring Systems KISTI _24

  25. 6 Permanent Nodes iCAIR iCAIR 1 StarLight NetherLight, Amsterdam Venue PWGOLE 1 N Fujitsu Argia Server Argia Server ESR Argia Server N Nortel OME 6500 Nortel 8600 Nortel 8600 Op Termination XC N N OMNInet I2Cat SARA/UvA UvA WAN ONS OME SLF10 Serv WAN 1 1 Communication Research Centre Ottawa Nortel Research Labs Ottawa Nortel OME 6500 Nortel OME 6500 L2 SW L2 SW L2 SW CANARIE 1 Gbps OC192/STM64 10GE LAN 750-~980 Mbps Nortel HDXc L2/l3 10 G WAN 1 Gbps Topology for HPDMnet Testbed Nortel I2Cat UvA Nortel HDXc Nortel HDXc vLAN92 vLAN92 vLAN92 UvA vLAN92 CRC Nx750-~980 M vLAN92 Nx1:2 Optical multicast Nx750-980+ M CRC vLAN92 • 750-~980+ Mbps HD • 3x1:2 Optical Multicast • OME at StarLight I2Cat I2Cat iCAIR UvA UvA Nortel UvA I2Cat CRC UvA UvA UvA UvA UvA UvA iCAIR Nortel iCAIR iCAIR iCAIR CRC Nortel Nortel CRC I2Cat I2Cat UvA Nortel CRC August 26 2008

  26. Future Network – GENI Sensor Network Wireless#1 Corporate GENI facilities Backbone #1 ComputeCluster#1 GENI Slice supporting an experiment Other-Nation GENI facilities Access#1 Backbone #2 ComputeCluster#2 Other-Nation GENI facilities Wireless#2 Edge Site FederatedInternational Facility NSF parts of GENI Mobile Wireless Network Goals: avoid technology “lock in,” add new technologies as they mature, and potentially grow quickly by incorporating existing facilities into the overall “GENI ecosystem” Kevin Thomson, Office of Cyberinfrastructure@NSF, CANS2007 ….a continental-scale, programmable, heterogeneous, networked system driving “clean-slate” future internet / communications research KISTI _26

  27. Korea-USA GENI Connectivity (Proposed) Dedicated Lightpath USA Korea Internet2 and/or NLR GENI Testbed KRLight/ KREONET Korean Testbed 10Gbps Ethernet or SONET Connection KRLIght/ KREONET Internet2 and/or NLR KRLight/ KREONET KRLight/ KREONET KRLight/ KREONET 10GE Force10 E600 Korea-USA Trans-Pacific OC192 Ethernet Connection = {IP, non-IP) Nortel OME6500 Nortel OME6500 GE Switch Force10 E600 10GE Daejeon, KR 10GE 10GE OC192 Daejeon, KR Seattle, USA Seattle, USA Seattle, USA Internet2 and/or NLR Ethernet Connetcion GENI Testbed SONET Multiplexer Korean Testbed OC192 SONET Connection Seattle, USA SONET Connection = {IP, non-IP, Ethernet, whatever…} 27 Contact : Dongkyun Kim@KISTI,

  28. Conclusions • GLORIAD-KR and KREONET • Packet and Circuit Switched Research Networks • 10G International Networks to the US and China • Hybrid Networking Services for High Performance Data Transfer • A GOLE in Korea : KRLight on GLIF • GLIF: Global Lambda Integrated Facility • GOLE: GLIF Open Lightpath Exchange • International Network Performance Gain for Advanced Applications on KRLight • R&D of Future Research Network Environment • User oriented Dynamic e2e Lightpath Provisioning System Deployment for High Bandwidth Data Transfer on Demand • Future Internet based Virtual Network Generations & Management for Advanced Applications

  29. Thank You Very Much! Questions and Comments to