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Baseball Rules PowerPoint Presentation
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Baseball Rules

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Baseball Rules - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Baseball Rules
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  1. Baseball Rules

  2. Rule 4 Starting and Ending Game

  3. Rule 4 • Field Conditions – Is the field playable? • Home coach has jurisdiction prior to game • Umpires have jurisdiction after the game begins • Umpires have jurisdiction for second game of DH • You should be there early enough to inspect the field • Ground Rules • Home coach proposes at plate meeting • Visiting team must agree • Umpire must agree • May not supersede any rules book rule

  4. Rule 4 • Starting the Game - Plate Meeting • Check Equipment (partners stay together) • Introductions • Pay Cards (if not done at gate) • Verify Designated Administrator for the game • Receive and verify Home lineup, the Visitor lineup • Ask Home skipper to cover ground rules • Ask and received verification from head coaches that all players are properly equipped and all equipment is legal IAW the rules (2012 Rule Change – Coach is Restricted/Ejected for use of illegal bat - Rule 4-1-3b) • Cover Points of Emphasis • Emphasize Good Sportsmanship • Home team takes the field

  5. Rule 4 • How many Players are required per team? • 9 players on each team are required to start a game • A team may play with 8 players after the game has started • Out is called when that spot in the order comes to bat • If an offensive player must be substituted after reaching base, the most recent batter not on base may be allowed to run for that player • A team may return to 9 players during the game

  6. Rule 4 • Ending the game • A regulation game in 7 innings • May be extended to break a tie • May be shortened if: • Home team is ahead by 10 runs after 4 ½ or 5 innings

  7. Rule 5 Dead Ball Suspension of Play

  8. Rule 5 - Dead Ball • Illegal Pitch (No Runners on) • The pitch is ruled a ball • Pitch touches batter • Batter awarded 1B (unless no attempt to avoid or pitch is a strike) • Pitch touches runner • All runners advance one base (unless strike for 3rd out) • Illegally batted ball • Batter is out, Runners return • Intentionally hitting ball a second time • Batter is out, Runners return • Uncaught Foul • Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch • Interference by Runner or retired Runner • Interferer is out, Get 2 on a double play, other Runners return • Malicious contact – guilty player is ejected • Interference (other than the runner with fielder trying to catch a fly foul ball • Batter is out, get 2 if double play was prevented • If runner interferes, runner is out, batter remains at bat

  9. Rule 5 - Dead Ball • Interference by others connected with team • Runner is out, other Runners return • Fair ball over fence in flight or prevented by spectator interference or detached player equipment • Award all Runners Home Base • Fair ball touches a spectator • Award or Penalize according to Umpire’s judgment • Fair ball bounces over, through or lodges in fence or lodges in players uniform or equipment • Award all Runners 2 bases from base occupied at time of pitch • Fair ball touches Runner before it touches a fielder or passes any fielder other than the pitcher • Hit Runner is out, Batter awarded 1B, Other Runners return to bases occupied at time of interference (unless forced by batter-runner) • Fair batted ball touches umpire before it touches an infielder or passes any infielder except the pitcher • Batter awarded first base, Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch, unless forced by Batter-Runner

  10. Rule 5 - Dead Ball • A thrown ball (not by pitcher from plate) goes into bench, stand, through or over the fence • Award all Runners two bases • A pitch or ball thrown by pitcher from plate goes into bench, stand, through or over the fence, backstop, or touches a spectator (in live ball area) or lodges in umpire’s or catcher’s equipment • Award all Runners one base • Umpire handles a live ball or calls time • Runners return to base they had reached or passed when the ball becomes dead • Fair or foul ball is caught by a fielder, who then steps or falls into a dead ball area • Award all Runners one base (except when catch is 3rd out) • Infielder intentionally drops a fair fly, fair line drive or a fair bunt in flight with at least first base occupied and less than 2 outs • Batter is out, Runners return to base occupied at time of pitch • Balk • All Runners advance one base, Batter-Runner remains at bat

  11. Rule 5 - Dead Ball • Umpire give “Do not Pitch” signal • No play can take place • Award Intentional base on balls • Batter awarded first base • Batter enters box with illegal bat • Batter is out • Batter refuses to enter box after being warned by Umpire • Strike is called • Interference by batter who hits throw from pitcher not in contact with pitcher’s plate when Runner is advancing home • With less than two outs, Runner is out, otherwise the Batter is out • A batted, pitched or thrown ball touches a designated media area or anyone or anything in or partially in this area • Award Runners 2 bases (one base if throw or pitch by pitcher) • Defense Malicious Contact • Umpire rules safe or out on the play and awards runner(s) appropriate bases per his judgment • Defensive player ejected from game

  12. Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball • Interference by Batter when attempted put-out is on Runner other than at home • With 2 out, Batter is out. • With less than 2 out and put-out is not made, ball is dead, batter is out and Runner’s return. • If on a 3rd strike, Batter is out and Umpire may call a 2nd out • Interference by Batter when Runner is advancing to home (other than hitting a throw from Pitcher not in contact with pitcher’s plate) • With 2 out, Batter is out • With less than 2 out, Runner is out • If Runner is put out, ball remains in live • Obstruction with Batter by Catcher or Fielder • If Batter and all Runners attempting to steal or who are forced do not advance, award each one base

  13. Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball • Obstruction (Runner) • If obstructed Runner and all other Runners hindered by the obstruction do not reach bases they otherwise would have reached, award such Runner or Runners such bases • Intentionally touching batted ball with detached player equipment over fair ground, or over foul ground which might become fair ball • Award Batter-Runner and Runners 3 bases if not made • Intentionally touching thrown ball (including a pitch) with detached player equipment • Award Runners 2 bases if not made • Offensive Team personnel call “Time” or uses any other command or commits an act for the purpose of trying to cause a balk • Runners may not advance, eject offender from game • Interference with Catcher by Umpire • If Runner is not put out, Runners return

  14. Rule 5 - Delayed Dead Ball • Deliberately removing batting helmet in live ball territory while ball is live • Team Warning, Subsequent violations result in ejection • A Coach physically assists a Runner • Involved Batter-Runner or Runner is out. • Outs on play stand • Other Runners return to bases occupied at time of interference • Use of Illegal glove/mitt • Award 4 bases for home run over fence • Award 3 bases for other fair batted ball • Award 2 bases for thrown or pitched ball

  15. Rule 5 - Putting Ball in Play • After a Dead Ball, the ball becomes live when: • Pitcher has the ball and is on the pitching plate • The Catcher is in his box • The Batter is in his box • THE UMPIRE CALLS “PLAY” AND GIVES THE APPROPRIATE SIGNAL • EVERY TIME! • NO EXCEPTIONS!

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