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  1. Baseball Chapter 17: Urinary System Take careful notes on any questions you miss

  2. Identify the structure labeled AE Answer: Descending Aorta What is the scientific term for the process that expels urine from the bladder? (hint: it is not urination!) Answer: Micturition Questions:

  3. Name vessel D? Answer: Right Renal Artery What is area AB? Answer: adrenal gland Questions:

  4. What is area 9? Answer: renal capsule In which structure is urine stored until it can be expelled from the body, give letter & name it! Answer: BD (urinary bladder) Questions:

  5. Name & indicate function of the structure labeled with *? Answer: Ureters carry urine from the kidney to the bladder Questions: *

  6. What is the name of the structure labeled with the arrow? Answer: Glomerulus Questions:

  7. This term is used to describe glucose in the urine. Answer: Glucosuria What comprises the renal corpuscle? Answer: Glomerulus + Bowman’s capsule Questions:

  8. What type of cells would be found in the area ? Answer: Brush Border What urine color would you associated with jaundice/bacterial infection? Answer: Green Questions: 

  9. An individual is suffering from chronic kidney failure, what would be the result of their Benedict’s & Biuret tests? Answer: - Benedict’s = no sugar + Biuret = excess proteins What is the normal pH of urine? Answer: 4.5-8.0 Questions:

  10. Identify the structure labeled 3 Answer: peritubular capillaries If urine smells like over-ripe apples, what condition may be suspected? Answer: Acetouria/Diabetes Questions:

  11. Indicate the blood vessel defined by area #8 Answer: Interlobar The color of urine depends on the [ ] of what substance? Answer: Urochrome Questions:

  12. What structures on the epithelial cells greatly increase the surface area & enhance reabsorption? Answer: Microvilli Why can women pee on a “stick” to determine if they are pregnant? Answer: Pregnant females produce the hormone HCG which can be found in urine 8-10 days after fertilization. Questions:

  13. These are the final branches of the interlobular arteries Answer: Afferent arterioles The arteries between the arterioles & arcuate arteries are called …? Answer: Interlobular Questions:

  14. Identify the structure labeled 5 Answer: arcuate vein These cells along with JG cells form the juxtaglomerular apparatus. Answer: Macula Densa Questions:

  15. Identify the #21 blood vessel Answer: interlobular This term is used to describe the position of the kidneys Answer: retroperitoneal Questions:

  16. Identify the structure labeled w/ the red arrow Answer: urethra What is pyuria? Answer: pus (WBC) in urine Questions:

  17. What is the function of area 9? Answer: Primary site of tubular reabsorption What is the function of albumin in the body? Answer: Regulates the osmotic [ ] of the blood Questions:

  18. If a person has a UTI, what type of cells would you expect to find in their urine? Answer: WBC What is nephroptosis? Answer: a movable or displaced kidney Questions:

  19. True or False: Aldosterone & ADH can stimulate the reabsorption of water and sodium. Answer: True Questions:

  20. Which tube represents a + Benedict’s test? Tube on the right (Orange) Name the 3 main stages of urine formation in the order they occur. Answer: Filtration, Reabsorption & Secretion Questions:

  21. What is polydipsia? Answer: Great dehydration which results in feelings of thirst Suppose a urine sample revealed abnormal results, such as protein in the urine. If there is a result differing from the norm (i.e., color, pH, substances present), should the physician always make an immediate diagnosis of a disorder? Why or why not? Answer: Physician may test the urine several times over a certain time period before drawing any conclusions. Changes in urine, such as the presence of certain substances, can sometimes be due to temporary chemical imbalances, heavy exercise or diet. Questions:

  22. What is hydronephrosis? Answer: backup of urine into the kidney (often due to blocked ureter) If your kidneys secrete renin, what will happen? Answer: Renin is an enzyme that works to increase blood pressure Questions:

  23. What are casts & how do they formed? Answer: molds that are precipitates of proteins & agglutinations of cells (several types: hyaline, epithelial, granular (coarse and fine), fatty, waxy, red-blood cell, and white-blood cell. ) Questions:

  24. Urinalysis is performed, what does a + Benedict’s mean? Answer: Excess sugar in the urine. Elevated concentrations of uric acid in the plasma cause this condition. Answer: Gout Questions: