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Encroachment Issues and Resolutions PowerPoint Presentation
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Encroachment Issues and Resolutions

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Encroachment Issues and Resolutions
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Encroachment Issues and Resolutions

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  1. Encroachment Issues and Resolutions Mr Steve Zander, Director Air Force Encroachment Management 7 August 2012

  2. Overview • Introductions • Scope • Policy • New Concepts • Sharing Perspectives • Questions

  3. Introductions • Panel Lead: Mr. Steve Zander • Panel Facilitator: Ms. Jennifer Graham • Headquarters Air Force: Ms. Lynn Engelman, Mr. Steve Sample • Major Command: Ms. Lynne Neuman • Installation Command: Col Michael McCully • Installation Planner: Mr. Don Chase • Community: Mr. Michael Cooper

  4. Scope • Review Air Force Encroachment Management Program (AFEM) from multiple perspectives • Describe examples of encroachment and sustainment challenges at Air Force installations • Focus on the importance of: • Engagement • Partnerships • Cross-functional management • Collaborative, compatible planning and development

  5. AFEM • Q: Mr. Zander, can you give us a quick overview of the Air Force Encroachment Management Program?

  6. Leadership Perspective “Installations underpin all Air Force operational capabilities, and serve as the platforms from which we fly, fight, and win in air, space and cyberspace. The health of those installations – the facilities, the infrastructure, and the environment that comprise our garrison and expeditionary operating locations – directly impacts operational readiness. Therefore, I believe it is important to build sustainable installations that enable Air Force core operational capabilities.” General Mark A. Welsh III Air Force Chief of Staff (Select) July 2012

  7. AF Encroachment ProgramBLUF • Encroachment on training and test ranges, airspace, military installations and electromagnetic spectrum is a critical issue for DoD and the services • Requires a comprehensive process that includes engagement with federal, state, and local government stakeholders • Establishes the need for action at all levels of leadership: Installation, MAJCOM and Air Staff • Must interact with newly established DoD Siting Clearinghouse--a single DoD voice promoting compatibility between energy security and military capabilities • Requires resourcing while leveraging existing organizational structure Building On - Not Replacing, Existing Tools and Programs

  8. Las Vegas & Nellis AFB: urban growth over time Nellis AFB Nellis AFB Nellis AFB Nellis AFB 1972 1992 2000 2006 Encroachment • Encroachment limits Air Force ability to test and train effectively • Air Force response to encroachment is limited both by real factors, such as limited authorities, and perceived factors, such as the idea that host communities will protect our mission out of patriotism alone

  9. Renewable Energy/Operating Space

  10. AFEM Q: Col McCully, from an Installation Command perspective, can you share a case study outlining the types of encroachment challenges installations are dealing with? Q: Mr. Cooper, from a Community perspective, can you share a case study outlining the types of encroachment challenges resulting from military operations that are impacting communities?

  11. Encroachment Security Competition for Resources Regulatory Restrictions Compatible Use Long-Term Mission Sustainment Encroachment: any deliberate action by any governmental or non-governmental entity or individual that does, or is likely to inhibit, curtail, or impede current or future military activities within the installation complex and/or mission footprint; or deliberate military activity that is, or is likely to be incompatible with the use of a community’s resources.

  12. Installation Complex/ Mission Footprint Mission Footprint: The installation complex plus any land, facilities, airspace and/or ranges which is not managed by the installation, but which provides direct, routine support to the mission Installation Complex:The land, facilities, airspace and ranges providing direct mission support to and/or are managed by the installation

  13. Installation Complex and Mission Footprint

  14. AFEM Q: Mr. Sample, from an Airspace and Range perspective, how has the AFEM Program impacted current mission operations? Q: Ms. Engelman, from a Compatible Land Use perspective, how does the AFEM program change the way the Air Force engages with stakeholders?

  15. Cross-Functional Leadership

  16. AFEM Q: Ms. Neuman, from a MAJCOM perspective, what has been the outcome of the cross-functional nature of Encroachment Management Teams? Can you share a case study from Air Force Space Command as an example?

  17. Why Prepare an ICEMAP? • Provide comprehensive situational awareness of mission needs and a customized installation encroachment management strategy • Provide a common framework to assist AF Installation Complexes and community stakeholders in identifying encroachment issues • Assist AF Installation Complexes and community stakeholders to minimize existing and prevent future encroachment impacts to both Installation Complexes and local communities • Provide an Action Plan to reduce the encroachment and sustainment challenge impacts on AF Installation Complexes and community stakeholders • Define the internal and external engagement strategies

  18. ICEMAP Deliverables

  19. AFEM Q: Mr. Chase, from an Installation Planner perspective, what has been the value of the ICEMAP? Can you share a case study where the ICEMAP has fostered collaborative community planning? Q: Mr. Cooper, from a Community perspective, can you describe the value of collaborative community planning? Q: Col McCully, can you share a case study where collaborative community planning prevented or minimized encroachment challenges?

  20. Questions?

  21. Homestead ARB 1980

  22. Homestead ARB 1992

  23. Homestead ARB 1996

  24. Homestead ARB 2001

  25. Homestead ARB 2006

  26. Homestead ARB 2010