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  1. JCI-UN Leadership Summit RESOLUTIONS

  2. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room A • THIS MILLENNIUM GOAL IS CENTRAL TO THE SUCCESS OF ALL OTHER GOALS • Unless we eradicate poverty the other millennium goals will be difficult if not impossible to achieve; • The goals are interdependent and support each other. Team 1 – Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

  3. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • JCI SPECIFIC PROJECTS FOR POVERTY ERADICATION • Setup with funding partners a minimum of 100 desalinization business opportunities before 2008; • Utilize business network for entrepreneurial mentors and to improve efficiencies of entrepreneurs enabling more employment & business opportunities; • Develop & utilize JCI Best Business Plan to grow and educate economies; • Educate and develop employee, employer and entrepreneurial skills through the JCI Business Academy. Room A Team 1 – Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

  4. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room A RESOLUTION JCI will utilize its existing programs (e.g. Business Network and Mentors, Business Academy, Business Plan) and future programs to develop and create entrepreneurial business (e.g.100 water desalinization projects by 2008); Team 1 – Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

  5. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room A • Proposes that JCI endorses a project geared towards Combating HIV/AIDS; • Keeping in mind that we are an organization of Entrepreneurs, the project shall embark on the impact on HIV/AIDS on the global economy. Team 2 – Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

  6. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room A THE PROJECT JCI will encourage member owned companies, member employer companies and partners to embark on the inclusion and implementation of company policies geared towards sensitizing, testing and procurement of drugs to alleviate the impact of the HIV/AIDS on the global economy by 2007 Team 2 – Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

  7. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • IMPLEMENTATION • Endorsement by JCI at 2003 World Congress General Assembly • Projects by NOMs/LOMs 2004-2007 • Annual Evaluations • Final Report and Evaluation in 2007 Room A Team 2 – Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases

  8. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • To develop a program for JCI national and local organizations to create awareness about achieving universal primary education by 2004 • To develop a financial model to implement this project by JCI national and local organizations by 2004 • To avail the program and the models in the JCI website by 2004 • To assign a JCI member to supervise and monitor the program and a JCI staff to implement by January 2004 Room B Team 3 – Achieve Universal Primary Education

  9. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • RECOMMENDATIONS: • JCI will create “decent and productive work” for young people and new young entrepreneurs by working with partners, e.g., YBI (Youth Business International) • MENTORING: • Provide mentors • Promote through 200K members in 110 countries • Create infrastructure for dedicated management resource • Have clear aligned targets by UN target year of 2005 Room B Team 4 – Develop a Global Partnership for Development

  10. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room B • ACTION PLAN: • JCI and YBI jointly promote initiative in Brazil, India, China and South Africa • Provide support in 25 YBI countries Team 4 – Develop a Global Partnership for Development

  11. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • Agreement for Institutional Collaboration and Working Plan to Support the Activities of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean – JCI and PAHO/WHO • We agreed to adopt IMCI practices in our countries. Our focus is now to promote them in our JCI Local and National Organizations for the purpose of developing projects according to their needs though out their countries. Room C Team 5- Reduce Child Mortality

  12. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • Reduce child mortality by 2013 using the 16 items listed in the AIEPI for growth and development of children. The child mortality rate will be reduced by 2/3 world wide • Each year JCI trainers will prepare 3 NOMs for implementation, with 60 NOMs participating by 2006. • Partners on this program include UNICEF, WHO, PAHO, Red Cross and national governments. Room C Team 5 - Reduce Child Mortality

  13. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room C OUR MISSION: To increase the quality of maternal health through life- long education and access to healthcare. Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  14. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room C JCI CONTRIBUTION: Programs to improve maternal health through education and increased access to medicine. Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  15. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • EDUCATION: • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies • Promoting good hygiene • Target risk groups • Include males • Improve the dissemination of information Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  16. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE: • Resources • Financial Resources • Transportation/geographic access • Human Resources (doctors, midwives, health educators and other health workers) • Health Facilities • Government Policies • Insurance/Government Funding • Medicines • Incentives Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  17. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit BRAZIL Project already into practice and it involves partnership with PAHO, WHO and UNICEF CANADA Resource provider Information, training manuals, incentives and assistance with translation Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  18. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit El SALVADOR Educational campaigns in schools, community centers and manufacturing companies, training Junior Chamber members and health related workers JAMAICA, WEST INDIES Public education campaign in inner-city, communities regarding pregnancy, health practices, effect of drug use and HIV/AIDS Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  19. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit PANAMA Develop a program of social service for the indigenous people, create information center and have previous resident conducting training in the area UNITED STATES East Africa Centre (Kenya) Providing resources and funding, building community center and have Kenyans trained to import information Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  20. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • RECOMMENDATIONS TO JCI • To spearhead fundraising • Garner resources • All budgets sent to JCI • Provide link on JCI website for UN programs • Enter into partnership with UN associations in individual countries • Increase dialogue with UN and JCI • Close relations with UN ambassadors • JCI goals to reflect UN emphasis • Establish committee to take position on issues and make public announcements-resolutions that reflect views of members Room C Team 6 - Improve Maternal Health

  21. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • PROJECT ONE – PROMOTE FEMALE ROLE MODELS WHO ARE JCI MEMBERS • Strongly promote and support JCI programs that nurture female role models • JCI Presidents Partners of the day • TOYP • Know-How Transfer (Junior Chamber Germany) Room D Team 7 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

  22. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit Room D PROJECT TWO – EDUCATE ON CONSCIOUS CHOICE Implement in-school trainings to help children be more conscious about role models and gender equality. Team 7 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

  23. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • PROJECT THREE – MORE GIRLS, MORE PENS • On a NOM to NOM level projects will provide schools with resources and/or sponsorship on the condition that they increase the percentage of their female students. • PROJECT FOUR – OPEN FORUM ON GENDER EQUALITY • Discussions regarding the different aspects of gender equality with governments, NGOs, business, media and the general public through an open forum to be hosted by the 9000 chapters of JCI. Room D Team 7 – Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

  24. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • PROJECT ONE - WATER AWARENESS AND EDUCATION • Program aimed at children 8-12 years internationally using the water toolkit. • Program has UNESCO support • Was presented at the World Water Forum • JC members are involved in implementing the program directly • Aim: 2004 12 countries (3 in each Area) • 2005 25 countries • 2006 50 countries Room D Team 8 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability

  25. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • PROJECT TWO – DECLARATION OF ENERGIES • To choose and promote the energies of tomorrow • To define the local energy needs • To promote a cleaner environment • How to save energy for future sustainability • Aim: 2004 Identify local needs (JCI Local/National input) • 2005 Concrete local programs • 2006 Best Practice exchange program (International) Room D Team 8 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability

  26. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • PROJECT THREE – ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMS IN BUSINESSES • To establish environmental programs for industry/business using natural resources and recycling products; • Develop and deliver training sessions about environmental management • Focus implementation and support of environmental management reporting in SMEs. Room D Team 8 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability

  27. JCI-UN LeadershipSummit • Aim: 2004 Deliver Training sessions at all JCI Area Conferences and World Congress • 2005 Local promotion of project • 2006 Partnerships with local SMEs (ultimate goal JCI to only deal with businesses that take up environmental program) Room D Team 8 – Ensure Environmental Sustainability