3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing. PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing.

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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing.
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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing.

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  1. ZEAL 3D PRINTING SERVICES 3 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes in Online 3d Printing

  2. Introduction • Designing a perfect 3D model for 3D printing is not easy. • Since there are different software, printers, and materials used for 3D printing, things are certain to get complicated. • 3D printing Australiapoints out the 3 common mistakes to avoid when online 3D printing.

  3. Overlooking Material Guidelines • The outcome of 3D designing and printing depends a lot on materials used for printing. • With several options in materials ranging from smooth to rough, firm to flexible, and brittle to strong, the design should be material-centric. • For instance, if you are printing the 3D model in Ceramics, consider design recommendations distinct to the materials. These could be reinforcing elements protruding out and rounding off the corners. • Solution: 3D Printing Melbournesuggest to check the design guides for the materials you are using for 3D printing. In addition, familiarize yourself with different designs created in different materials.

  4. Overlooking Software Guidelines • 3D printing serviceis provided with the use of different software packages for 3D modeling. These software are developed for 3D prints, and some for 3D designing. • The designs, thus, created by 3D artists have to be edited before sending them for 3D printing. While some software are programmed to adjust wall thickness automatically, editing has to be done manually when using other software programs. • Solution: Contact Zeal 3D printing for 3D print services. Or, upload your 3D file and let us do the rest.

  5. Overlooking Printing Technology • Since the materials used for 3D printing differ, so does the 3D printing technology used for printing 3D models. You cannot use the same printing technology for the metals just because their properties are common. • As such, the design features too differ. The only similarity in design requirements will be when printing in materials using similar technology. For example: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Brass. • Solution: We suggest to consider materials to be used during the designing process itself.

  6. Conclusion • Before you send the 3D models for online 3D printingto Zeal 3D Printing, check for the above common 3 mistakes to save yours and ours times. Or let us design the 3D model for you.

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