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common mistakes every home seller makes n.
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Common Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes PowerPoint Presentation
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Common Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes

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Common Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes
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Common Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes

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  1. Common Mistakes Every Home Seller Makes By – Charles Royster

  2. Introduction • Selling a home is both stressful and exciting. • When you want to sell your home, just have an overview of real estate market and see whether it’s good time to sell then go ahead. • Some of the common mistakes which one makes when selling home are mentioned in slides below.

  3. Pricing Your Home Improperly • The most common mistake made by home sellers is improper pricing of a home. • If the home is underpriced, the seller will face a loss and if it is overpriced, it would be neglected by buyers.

  4. Not checking whether the Market Is Favorable • List your home when the market is favorable. • If you sell your home in an unfavorable market, it would be of no use. You will get no outcome.

  5. Rejecting The First Offer • If you receive a good offer immediately, then don’t reject that offer thinking that buyers with higher offers are on the way. • It may happen that your first offer might be the best one for you.

  6. Failure To Keep Home Clean • When you list your home in market for sale, it is important to keep your home clean. • All bathrooms and bedrooms should be cleaned and unnecessary things should be removed from home.

  7. Getting Discouraged • Don’t get upset if your home is not selling. • A buyer may have different opinions about your home, don’t get discouraged by his views. Look at your home as the property instead of a home.

  8. Ignoring The Importance Of Appearance • Believing your home is in good condition and ignoring the appearance of the home will drive the buyers away. • Clean your home properly and check for any leaks.

  9. Leaving Your Pets Free • Keep your pets in kennels or in a better place when showing your home to buyers. • Some people have allergies from pets so, don’t keep them loose. This protects your animals and the guests or buyers visiting your home.

  10. Untreated Offensive Smells • A House that stinks is the first to get rejected by a home buyer. • Smoking in your homes decreases value of your home as it can stain walls.

  11. Ignoring Proper Lighting • Home owners make a mistake of not considering the lighting factors. • If you want to make your home more attractive, you can change it through different lighting types.

  12. Limit For Marketing Opportunities • Don’t limit your listings from being marketed on different sources. • Make online listings for your home. Don’t put cluttered photos online, this would repel your buyers.

  13. Conclusion • Mistakes are a common when one wishes to sell his home fast. But, paying attention to every minute detail well in advance may save the last minute rush ups. • These considerations will help in selling a home faster than the house that is not maintained well. • Displaying a house in the Best Condition is all that you need to focus on.

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