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Netbook Platform for ‘08 Value Proposition PowerPoint Presentation
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Netbook Platform for ‘08 Value Proposition

Netbook Platform for ‘08 Value Proposition

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Netbook Platform for ‘08 Value Proposition

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  1. Netbook Platform for ‘08 Value Proposition May 2008 Mobile Platforms Group Marketing Netbook Platform RSP Training <DATE> <BY: >

  2. Complementary Sales Tools & Assetsremove this slide prior to presentation The following netbook-related materials are also available for your use:

  3. Complementary Sales Tools & Assetsremove this slide prior to presentation • Purpose of this Guide • The positioning guide is intended for training OEMs, channel and RSPs using non-NDA guidelines. • It is not intended to be used with end-user consumers or in retail (e.g., as collateral, tear sheets, merchandising, etc). • How to Use this Guide: • The guide is approved for non-NDA use with the following restrictions: • The material may not be posted on a public website or posted on retail stores or shared with end consumers. If any use beyond the approved non-NDA use is desired, you must get approval from your local or business unit PR, marketing and or legal per business unit process. • View in presentation mode, and do not delete legal information slide. • Speaker notes are included • Shelf life: • The information in this document is valid for content published from May 23, 2008 through September 26, 2008. New products or information introduced during this period may result in an update to this document or a Q & A published separately.

  4. Introducing the Intel® Atom™ processor. Built with the world’s smallest transistors1. • Intel® Atom™ processor, new groundbreaking low-power architecture • Designed for small devices with long battery life • Built on Intel® 45nm technology (47+ million transistors on a single chip) • Supports Intel® Core™2 Duo processor instruction set to provide a robust Internet experience ¹ Processor comparison based on current Intel® architecture products. Transistor comparison based on 45nm processors in production.

  5. But before we move on… Let’s ask a few simple questions…

  6. Question: What do you recommend to your customer? or or Motorcycle Car HiFi Speakers PC Speakers Maneuverability Or Capacity? Basic Needs Or A Full Experience? Economy Class or or Gas Stove Multi-Cooker Business Class Single Usage Or Multi-functions? Basic Or Luxury? Answer: That depends on…

  7. … what their needs are! or or Motorcycle Car HiFi Speakers PC Speakers Number of Passengers? Traffic Conditions? First Time Buyer? Demanding Expectations? Economy Class or or Gas Stove Multi-Cooker Business Class Single Focus Tasks? Multitasking? Budget Limits? Different Needs Have Different Solutions!

  8. Is Intel selling other kinds of products?

  9. Answer: NO but Intel® Atom™ processor has enabled a new class of devices called NETBOOKS and you need to know the difference with what you have been selling so far - NOTEBOOKS AND Netbook Notebook

  10. What is a Netbook? Small, simple and affordable devices to connect to the Internet powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor

  11. A New Category of Devices Want the “Best Internet Experience in Your Pocket”? Want Simple and Affordable Internet Use? Want a Richer, Fuller Experience? Get a Notebookor a Desktop Get a Mobile Internet Device Get a Netbook Entertainment, Productivity and Multitasking Infotainment, On the Go Internet use Target SPP MID: >$800* Target SPP Notebook: >$600* Desktop: >$400* Target SPP Netbook: >$250* * Prices are US $ and are just indicative and can vary from Country to country

  12. Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 945GSE ICH7-M Netbook Platform for 2008 Intel® Atom™ Processor Intel® Chipset Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (Diamondville) • Based on Intel’s 45nm Hi-K Metal Gate Process Technology • 1.6 GHz • 533 MHz FSB • 512k L2 Cache • 1 Core; 2 Threads • Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset (Calistoga) • 133 MHz Core Frequency • Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950 • Single Channel DDR2 400/533 Memory Support

  13. Netbooks In Your Life Discover the Internet Get Started with the Internet • Blog and Surf • Email and Chat • Social Networking • Easy to Use • Affordable • First Time Buyers Learn on the Internet Bring the InternetWith You • Homework • Research • Online News • Small and Light • Long Battery Life • Wireless Connectivity Now Everyone Can Connect, Learn and Share

  14. Notebook or Netbook? Let’s help your customers make the right mobile choice!

  15. Form Factors Netbook Flash storage and or Harddrives upto 80GB, optional external opticals, smaller keyboard Notebook Larger Harddrives, HD/DVD drives 14-17”display 7-10”display Multiple Form Factors Optical Drive Small & Light

  16. Netbooks and Notebooks- Complement Each Other Create, Edit and Store Content on Notebooks View Content Anywhere with Netbooks • Edit Photos • Rip Music • Encode Videos • View Photos • Stream Music • Watch Online Videos

  17. Ask your customer what they need before making a recommendation If no or not sure, here are some scenarios where a notebook would be better: • Multitasking performance • Great 3D experience • Greater upgradeability • Install applications • Do so much more! • First time PC buyer? • Simple Internet use? • Greater portability? If yes, then a netbook is a great choice.

  18. User Experience Differentiation • All the capabilities of netbooks PLUS: • Install Software • Download, store and listen to Music, play CDs • Edit and store photos & videos • Watch DVDs • Video-Conferencing • Richer Web Surfing Experience • Open, edit, and store large files • Install and play richer interactive games • Multitasking Netbooks Notebooks

  19. Netbook vs. Notebook Netbook Notebook Multi-purpose PC Device for Internet Usage Performance for Multi-tasking, Content Creation, Intense Workloads & Internet Purpose built for Internet use Web: Learn, Communicate, Play & View Entertainment, Productivity & Rich Web Size Compact form factor (7-10” screen) Range of form factors (> 10” screen) Price ~$250 -$350 * $400 and above * * Prices are US $ and are just indicative and can vary from Country to country Processor Brands Includes: Core™2 Family includes Dual Core & Single Core Ultra-low Voltage and Dual Core Low Voltage

  20. Call to Action Netbooks are small, simple and affordabledevices for the Internet powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor Fits Your Life Fits Your Lifestyle RecommendNetbooks to: experienced users who want portability to connect anywhere all the time Beginners looking to enrich their learning with the internet Get Started and Get Going with a Netbook!

  21. Backup

  22. Notebooks Mobile Internet Devices Netbooks • Complete mobile PC – best choice for most customers Provides the richest, most complete mobile experience • Great companion or starter device for easy-access to the web Designed for simple Internet-focused activities Purpose-built computing device for ultra-mobile users Puts the full Internet experience in your pocket Intel has the Right Processor to meet your Mobile Needs Intel understands that mobile users have unique needs and has developed different processor technologies to meet these different needs.

  23. The Netbook Platform for ‘08 enables a simple and affordable platform for Internet-centric usage models Kid/Classroom Friendly ID Custom Education Software Rugged Design Water Resistant Keyboard Intel-powered Classmate PCs- purpose-built for education Classmate PC Category is a sub-set of the Netbook Platform for ‘08 that is focused on a specific Usage Model area (Education)

  24. A netbook is not a notebook replacement Notebook usages and more… Simpleinternet AdvancedInternet Creativity Gaming Entertainment Productivity Plus Uploadphotos or video Createphotoalbums Play main-streamgames Rip aCD Maintaina budget Netbookusage CreateSD or HDvideos MMORPG(online)games Complexschoolprojects WatchHDvideo Watch aDVD Streammedia PlayRPG/FPSgames Wordprocessing DigitalContentCreation Maintaina blog LANparties Downloadvideo Watch aHigh-Defmovie Taxes Editphotos

  25. MID & Netbook Positioning Netbooks Mobile Internet Devices Simple and affordable Internet- use The Best Internet experience in your pocket Positioning What’s The Same Technology OS Intel® Atom™ Microarchitecture Primarily Linux*, Some Windows* Intel® Atom™ Microarchitecture Linux* and Windows* What’s Different Size Usage Target Users Price Weight Battery Life Wireless 7-10” screen “Sit down” usage (1) Introduction to computing for 1st time buyers/users (2) Secondary device for Internet use Target $250 SPP As light as ~2lbs As long as 4+ hr WiFi 4.5”-7” screen (most <6”) “In hand” usage Those who want access to full internet on the go - Gen Y, Active Parents and Mobile Professionals >$400 As light as ~250g As long as ~6 hr WiFi + WWAN, GPS, BT Device Examples