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Karyn McClintick’s Local History Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Karyn McClintick’s Local History Project

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Karyn McClintick’s Local History Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Karyn McClintick’s Local History Project. Milton S. Hershey’s legacy of creating the Sweetest Place on Earth! . http://hershey1234.weebly.com/quotes-said-by-milton-hershey.html. Objectives:. Understand the role Milton Hershey played in making Hershey, PA what it is today.

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karyn mcclintick s local history project

Karyn McClintick’s Local History Project

Milton S. Hershey’s legacy of creating

the Sweetest Place on Earth!



Understand the role Milton Hershey played in making Hershey, PA what it is today.

Analyze primary sources that show the progression of Hershey Chocolates, Milton Hershey School and Hershey Park.

Research specific jobs at Hershey park that are available to 14 year old students

Practice completing an online job application to Hershey Park.

milton s hershey
Milton S. Hershey

As a class, we will complete the “Know” and “Want to Know” parts of the

KWL sheet about Milton Hershey and the town of Hershey, Pa.


history of milton s hershey
History of Milton S. Hershey
  • Milton Hershey was born in 1857 and raised in a rural area of Central Pennsylvania.
  • The photo above is of the Homestead, the birthplace of Milton Hershey. This building is still standing today.
  • Following a 4 year apprenticeship with a Lancaster candy company, Milton attempted to start his own candy company in Philadelphia, PA but it failed.
  • He moved to Denver, Co. and learned how to make caramels with fresh milk, moved to New York City, opened a candy business there but it also failed.




"Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising in the world.“

Milton S. Hershey

Still not discouraged, he moved back to Lancaster, PA and opened up another candy shop. This time he was successful!!!!

In 1893, at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Milton discovered the art of chocolate making. He had machines shipped to Lancaster to make chocolate coating for his caramels.

Because the demand for chocolate was growing at this time, Milton created the Hershey Chocolate Company and began perfecting his chocolate recipe containing the perfect mixture of milk, cocoa and sugar.

The Hershey bar was soon shipped all over the country and enjoyed by millions of people, not just the wealthy.


The official Hershey's Chocolate Great American Chocolate Bar theme song.



students please take out your copy of the nara worksheet motion picture analysis
Students: Please take out your copy of the NARA worksheet-motion picture analysis
  • We will watch a video showing how chocolate is made from beginning to end. Please complete your worksheet as we progress through the movie.
  • At the conclusion of the movie, you will work with your neighbor to compare your NARA worksheet.


NARA motion picture worksheet:



history of milton hershey continued
History of Milton Hershey continued…
  • In the early 1900’s Milton decided to sell his caramel company and focus primarily on making chocolates.
  • In order to expand, he needed a place that had farming with cows (for the milk), hardworking people, and close proximity to ports to ship in his cocoa and sugar. He settled in Derry Township!
  • Below is a link of a Derry Township Map from 1870.

“Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing.”

Milton S. Hershey



Milton not only wanted to se e his chocolate company thrive, but he also wanted to see his workers and their hometown thrive as well. He knew he needed to treat his workers fairly and give them a comfortable and pleasant place to live. This in turn would lead to better, hardworking, happy and dedicated employees. To provide for their welfare, he created a town, named after Hershey himself, and added a community building, a department store, swimming pools, schools, and an amusement park.


below is a postcard from chocolate town and a hershey candy display in 1915
Below is a postcard from “Chocolate Town” and a Hershey candy display in 1915.




In 1909, Milton and his wife, Catherine, created the Milton Hershey Industrial School, a school for orphan boys who can learn how to be good, young men and work in useful trades.

Milton Hershey with students from his school.


milton hershey school today
Milton Hershey School today



"If I ever become rich, I am going to use my money to build schools to give every boy and girl an opportunity to get an education." 

Milton S. Hershey

hershey park
Hershey Park
  • Milton Hershey wanted his workers and families to have a place to play in their town. He opened Hershey Park in 1907.
  • Activities included a playground, swimming pool, zoo, bowling alley, amusement rides, and a carousel.


A playground at Hershey Park

first swimming pool
First swimming pool


carousel photos
Carousel photos

Let’s listen to a carousel tune called Drifting Along



hershey park today
Hershey Park Today


map of hershey park
Map of Hershey Park




can you name that roller coaster
Can you name that roller coaster?




The newest addition to Hershey Park – the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in the park. It reaches speeds of up to 75 MPH!!!!


1984 Hershey’s chocolate commercial
  • Current Hershey’s chocolate commercials
  • This is a link to a song called They All Laughed by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. The theme of the song is about going after what you want, not matter how far fetched or challenging it can be. The song mentions several people who created or invented things that we enjoy regularly. They mention Hershey and his chocolate bars. it's amazing to see and hear him grouped with such famous inventors.






what have you learned
What have you Learned?
  • Let’s complete the “L” part of our KWL chart.
  • Questions to consider:
    • What did you find most fascinating about Milton Hershey?
    • What did the primary sources teach you?
    • What personality and business traits did Milton Hershey live by?
Here is the official link to the park:

Here is a link to researching jobs and applying online at the park:






1. Students will complete an SEA worksheet (Scan, Examine, Analyze) as they work their way through the Hershey Park job website.

2. Working in partners, visit the Hershey jobs link

and complete the Venn diagram worksheet

comparing and contrasting two different jobs at

the park. You may need to research further

details about each job to complete the diagram.

3. We will now log into the Hershey Park jobs website and practice moving through the application process.