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Chapters 3-4

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Chapters 3-4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3003.8.1 I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period . 3003.8.3 I can determine how the conflict of Gatsby impacts the characters. 3003.8.5 I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby .

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chapters 3 4

3003.8.1 I can identify characteristics of the Modern and Contemporary Period.

3003.8.3 I can determine how the conflict of Gatsbyimpacts the characters.

3003.8.5 I can analyze characters to determine their roles/functions in Gatsby.

3003.8.16 I can identify specific symbols in Gatsby.

Chapters 3-4

The Great Gatsby

chapter 3 4 quiz
Chapter 3-4 Quiz
  • 1. How does Gatsby interact with the guests?
  • 2. What does Nick wear to the party in Chapter 3?
  • 3. What phrase does Gatsby repeatedly use to address Nick and others?
  • 4. In what country did Gatsby receive a medal "For Valour Extraordinary"?
  • 5. For how long has Gatsby been pursuing Daisy?
agree or disagree
Agree or Disagree
  • Dishonesty in a woman is a thing you never blame deeply (58).
  • Double Standard?
  • Chauffeur – wears robin’s egg blue
  • Stage Twins – women in yellow dresses; knew Jordan previously
  • Owl eyes – drunkard with large spectacles who sits in Gatsby’s library
    • He was “BROUGHT” by a woman named Roosevelt
    • Was in the car that hit the wall
  • Gatsby
    • German spy/killed a man
    • Introduced to him
  • Jordan – distrusting of Gatsby
    • Loves large parties (intimate)
    • Find out that she is dishonest
    • She is a rotten driver

“Conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with an amusement park” (41)”

  • Gatsby Jazz Party (All summer long)
    • Eight servants and a gardener (cleaning up the mess)
    • 5 crates of oranges and lemons (machine 200/hr)
    • Lights (Gatsby place looked like a Christmas tree)
    • Buffets “Harlequin designs”
    • Important people
  • Library – real books
    • Not a cardboard façade
    • Books are uncut though showing us that they are

only for appearances

Yellow Cocktail Music

symbol automobile
Symbol: Automobile
  • Dominant symbol in Chapter 3
  • Extreme wealth of the Rolls Royce—omnibus bearing people to and from the party
    • Green leather seats (64)
  • Parked five deep in the driveway
  • Car accident at the party with “Owl Eyes” (blames the mechanics)
    • Who was driving?
    • Foreshadowing???
  • Jordan leaving a borrowed car unattended (57)
symbol eyes
Symbol: Eyes
  • Owl Eyes
    • Possible repeated message of T. J. Eckleburg billboard sign?
      • Watching, spying, looking for something
    • We are witnessing all this through Nick’s eyes (narration)
    • We are seeing that Prohibition is not working for America
      • How do today’s teens treat rules?
    • Gatsby was standing on the marble steps over his guests in looking around in approval.
      • Guests – All eyes on Gatsby
chapter 4
Chapter 4
  • Meyer Wolfsheim – a business connection of Gatsby’s who uses Gatsby as a front man; fixed the 1919 World Series; small flat-nosed Jew
  • Klipspringer – Gatsby’s boarder…seems like he lives there all the time
  • Gatsby – nephew to Von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil
gatsby explained
Gatsby Explained
  • Son of wealthy people in the Midwest (San Francisco???)
    • Inherited money
  • States he is Oxford educated
  • Worked his way around Europe
    • Live in all the capitals
    • Extravagant trips
  • WWI
    • Received a medal from “Little Montenegro”
    • For Valour Extraordinary
  • Picture from Oxford with his buddies
  • Tells him he is going to asks “huge” favor of him later on with Jordan
  • Wolfsheim says that Gatsby is one you want to take home to your mother or sister.
wealth allusion again
Wealth allusion again
  • Sunday morning party with lots of important names
  • Luncheon with Wolfsheim
    • Nick is getting closer to the truth of how Gatsby makes his money.
  • Gatsby gets pulled over by the cop
    • Money is power
    • Above the law
symbol automobile again
Symbol: Automobile Again
  • Gatsby’s car – gods chariot
    • Rich cream color and green leather conservatory (64)
    • Bright with nickel
    • Swollen here and there
    • Monstrous length
    • Triumphant hat boxes, supper boxes, tool boxes
    • Terraced with a labyrinth of windshields that mirrored a dozen suns
    • Fenders spread like wings as it drove through the valley of ashes
  • Daisy’s white roadster
  • Hearse
  • Limousine
  • What was the favor?
  • What do you foreshadow will happen?