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Stage Lighting

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Stage Lighting
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Stage Lighting

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  1. Stage Lighting

  2. Ellipsoidal Lighting Instruments

  3. Follow spot

  4. reflector

  5. Characteristics of Ellipsoidal Lighting Instruments Has reflector Internal shutters Plano convex lenses Gel frame Gobo capable Halogen lamp Sharp edged pool of light with a definite hot spot Use as front light (can be used as side/back light if you have enough of them)

  6. Halogen lamp Tungsten metal alloy Halogen gas Clear quartz envelope Bi pin base Halogen lamps come in lots of sizes and some with different bases. All are designated with three letters like EHG or FLE. Incandescent light bulbs Argon gas Glass envelope Screw base

  7. Gobo frame Iris

  8. A gobo is a template or pattern cut into a circular plate used to create patterns of projected light. The name may be derived from go between, or from Goes Before Optics. Go between refers to its position between the lamp and the lens. Another origin may be: Graphical optical blackout. A gobo in a gobo holder, which goes in a stage lighting instrument. The discolored portion is oxidation of the stainless steel caused by the high temperature of the lamp, but the gobo is still usable.

  9. Gobos

  10. Glass gobo (new)

  11. Glass gobo of full moon

  12. Fresnel Lighting Instruments

  13. Characteristics of Fresnel Lighting Instruments Has Reflector Step lens Barn doors Gel frame Halogen lamp Soft edged pool of light with no discernable hotspot Use as side or back light

  14. PAR Cans (parabolic reflectors

  15. There is a halogen lamp inside this reflector/lens configuration

  16. Characteristics of PAR Can Lighting Instruments Has Parabolic reflector Gel frame Halogen lamp More powerful beam of light than fresnel and can throw further than fresnel Use as front fill or side light

  17. Scoops Which ones have a gel frame?

  18. Characteristics of Scoops Instrument IS reflector Gel frame Uses incandescent light bulb-NOT halogen lamp Use only as cyc or work light

  19. Scroller

  20. Characteristics of Scrollers Can do multiple moving patterns and multiple colors

  21. Let there be light.

  22. Let there be light.

  23. Let there be light.

  24. Let there be light.

  25. Let there be light.

  26. Let there be light.

  27. Let there be light.

  28. Let there be light.

  29. Let there be light.

  30. Let there be light.