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Small Business in FY07. Customer Campaigns, Partner Engagement & Opportunities. Microsoft Small Business Team. Therese McGrath Director, Small Business. Renato Ulpiano Business Development Manager, Small Business. Alex Snelson Marketing Communication Manager, Small Business.

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Presentation Transcript
Small business in fy07

Small Business in FY07

Customer Campaigns, Partner Engagement & Opportunities

Microsoft small business team
Microsoft Small Business Team

Therese McGrath

Director, Small Business

Renato Ulpiano

Business Development Manager,

Small Business

Alex Snelson

Marketing Communication Manager,

Small Business

Athena Thompson

Marketing Manager,

Small Business


Business Groups


Bill Vlandis

Small Business

Specialist Partner Development

Kylie Summerhayes

Product Marketing Manager,

Small Business Server

Katrina Powers

Partner Development Manager,

System Builder Channel

Duncan McGilligan

Product Solutions Manager,


Rita Alexandrou

Product Solutions Manager


Why small business is important
Why Small Business is Important

  • There are 1.2M Small Businesses in Australia, employing 3.7M people.

  • Small businesses account for 96% of all businesses in Australia, and for 47% of employees / self employed (7.8M all employees).

  • Employment

    • 30% of people working in small businesses are employers or self employed, while 70% are employees.

  • Management of Multiple Businesses

    • 93% of Small business operators run only 1 business

  • Tenure

    • 13% of Small business have been in business for less than 1 year

    • 34% for 1 to 5 years

    • 20% from 5 to 10 years

    • 33% more than 10 years

  • Use of Technology

    • 94% are using computers (1.1M PCs), with the likelihood increasing with the size of business. Ownership of notebooks increased from 33% to 39% last year, increasing from 19% in 2000.

    • 96% have access to the internet, an increase of 10% in 1 year, major uses are email, research, making or receiving payments, online payments

Source: ABS Characteristics of Small Business, April 2004 8127.0. ABS Small Business in Australia, 1321.0 2001 Use of Technology, source Sensis-E-Bus Report, July 04

Life as a small business
Life As A Small Business



  • Time

  • Multi-tasking

  • Administration and bureaucracy

  • Keeping on top of things

  • Cash-flow

  • Product quality

  • Customer management

  • Autonomy

  • Flexibility

  • Reward

  • Pride

  • Family time

  • Customer satisfaction

The role of it in small business
The Role of IT in Small Business

A vital tool

Takes up too much time


Would rather be doing

other things

Limited skills

& knowledge

Competitive advantage

Saves time

Improves efficiency –

enables you to do other things


Importance of IT

A necessary evil






Towards IT

Not Strategic

Functional Tool

Critical to Business

Strategic, key to growth







Business Attitudes

Risk Averse, Price Sensitive

Most Practical, Medium Risk

Cautious, Driven by Suppliers

Most Risk Tolerant

Source: The Leading Edge: I Am Messagibg Research

Customer campaign strategy
Customer Campaign Strategy

  • Compelling customer messaging

  • Broad reach (example: web)

  • Builds on the product stack

  • Focus on offers

  • Partner readiness and connection

Life as a small business1
Life As A Small Business



  • Time

  • Multi-tasking

  • Administration and bureaucracy

  • Keeping on top of things

  • Cash-flow

  • Product quality

  • Customer management

  • Autonomy

  • Flexibility

  • Reward

  • Pride

  • Family time

  • Customer satisfaction

Small business customer campaign overview
Small Business Customer Campaign Overview

Customer Pain Point



Data backup and security

> Ask for a Technology Assessment

First Server Right Server

Extension: Aug-Oct


I worry about losing my critical business data

Business Goals

I need to make decisions when out of the office

Access data anytime




Being connected anywhere

A single customer management tool

My customer contact/sales info is all over the place

Sales & Marketing



Market your company, products & services efficiently

Marketing is expensive

Help employees work more efficiently

Backup & protect your business information

Market & sell more effectively

I/we need to work more efficiently - and securely

I need to market my business

Small Business PC

Q2: Dec



Small business online resources
Small Business Online Resources

  • Small Business Centre

  • Product information, business templates, tools & tips

  • Customer campaigns, including Partner list.

  • Partner & Solutions finder

  • Small Business +

    Membership access to:

  • Business and software training

  • 24/7 self-help support

  • Regular newsletters

  • FY07+: licensing statements, new training, partner integration

Small business partner integration
Small Business+ Partner Integration

Feedback Please!

  • Find a Small Business Specialist: post-code search

  • Under discussion for second half of this fiscal year

Customer campaigns and partners
Customer Campaigns and Partners

  • Customers want a Trusted Advisor or Partner to advise them and sell to them

  • Microsoft wants strong partners to fulfil demand

    • Microsoft lead generation via website/call centre

    • Small Business Specialist integration

  • Our campaigns are designed to help partners turn known customer needs into profitable, long-term business opportunities.

    • Through training/readiness programs, marketing materials, product solutions and resources.

    • Visit the Partner Marketing Centre at:

Small business in fy07

Creating Your Own Campaigns

  • Leverage the professional marketing materials provided to run your own campaign/s:

Identify your customer key needs (pain points)

Choose the right Customer Campaign

Download and customise with your Company logo and offerings

Example of a current customer campaign
Example of a Current Customer Campaign

First Server Right Server

  • All participating Partners get:

    • Campaign materials (Direct Mail, Letters, Email, Fax, Call Guide)

    • Expert online sales training

    • Online technical resources and training

    • Downloadable Small Business Technical Assessment Toolkit

    • Campaign offers & incentives, eg, five assessments & one free copy of SBSR2

  • Small Business Specialists also get:

    • Opportunity for campaign leads inclusion

    • Instructor-led sales and marketing training

    • Additional sales and marketing materials

    • Small Business Technical Assessment Toolkit CDs

Partner campaign materials
Partner Campaign Materials

Through-partner campaign materials include:

  • Presentations

  • Business letters

  • Emails

  • Flyers

  • Postcards

Customer campaign offers why buy now
Customer Campaign Offers: Why Buy Now?

  • FY07 Customer Campaigns:

    • Customer offers for stages of lifecycle

    • To-Partner offers, including IDC Whitepapers, Product Guides, Readiness Training, Technical Assessment Toolkit and Referral offer.

Capitalis Research, Small Business Owners Evaluation of Offers, May 2006

Customer attitudes to open license
Customer Attitudes to Open License

  • 8 out of 10 are aware of different licensing options with two-thirds specifically aware of MS Open License

  • Satisfaction and likelihood to repurchase are high amongst Open License Owners

    • 46% very satisfied; 49% satisfied

    • 80% said they would re-purchase

  • MS Partners and talking to IT employees were the most common ways of hearing about MS Open License

TLE Research, Small Business Owners Evaluation of Open License , June 2006

Licensing and your business

Licensing and Your Business

John Walter, Director of Sales (Commercial)

Ingram Micro

Leading it distribution
Leading IT Distribution…

The world’s largest IT Distributor

100 countries with 70 DCs

2005 Revenues = USD28.5 bil

13,600 associates worldwide

# 1 market position

NYSE listed & # 71 on Fortune 100

Ingram Micro Australia $2bil revenues & 850 employees

Broadest range of vendor products

Newly launched Solutions Division

Investment in pre-sales technical resource

Orbital training and education

Licensing Solutions Team of 36

Over 25 Years of Experience in IT Distribution

Australia wide sales footprint
Australia Wide Sales Footprint




Office and DC



Office and DC







Office and DC


Total Commercial & Solutions Division = 220

Small business in fy07








  • BDMs

  • Regional or customer

  • specific segment

  • New Business

  • Development

  • Collaboration

  • Pipeline

  • Management

  • Account Managers

  • Account Specific

  • Central Point Of

  • Accountability

  • Relationship

  • Facilitation +

  • Coordination

  • Closure

  • BDMs

  • Vendor or Technology Specific

  • New Business Development

  • Collaboration

  • Pipeline Management

  • Solution Architects

  • Technology Engineering Gurus

  • Vendor or Technology Specific

  • Solution Design +

  • Configuration

  • Vendor Managers

  • Vendor Specific

  • Vendor Evangelists

  • Relationship

  • Central Point of Accountability

  • Facilitation + Coordination

  • Marketing, Promotions +

  • Campaigns Builders

  • Systems

  • Integrator

  • Solution

  • Provider

  • Service

  • Provider

  • ISVs

  • Consultant

  • Server

  • Storage

  • Networking

  • Security

  • Software

  • Licensing

Converting box to licensing
Converting Box to Licensing

  • Education – road shows, seminars, Expotech

  • Pre-sales support – investing in technical resource, MCSE in licensing team

  • Providing tools – licensing on-line, wall chart, access to pre-sales, renewals tool

  • How to sell licensing over box

Why sell licensing over box
Why Sell Licensing over Box

  • Better pricing based on volume

  • Ease of asset management

  • Software Assurance Benefits (free training)

  • Ongoing Renewal Business

  • Freight Costs, Speed to Market, No Inventory

  • Open Value – Cash Flow, Margins (25% up front), Renewal Business

Case study
Case Study

  • Reseller - X

    • Visit to End User (Legal Firm) with reseller to assess needs

    • End user consolidating 2 businesses and therefore licensing also

    • Gathering of end user reports from Microsoft, preparation of quotations

    • Recommended and sold benefits of Microsoft Open Business

    • Ensured that the customers legal requirements could be met whilst financial guidelines/timelines adhered to

    • Assisted Reseller in closing the business worth $500k over 2 years

Tools to help you sell more licensing
Tools to help you sell more licensing

  • Intersell – marketing Campaign Manager

  • Licensing on-line – configure and order on line

  • Renewals on-line – manage and monitor your annuity business

  • Wall chart – ready reckoner for licensing

  • Automated pricing feeds

  • Dedicated Open Value Specialist

  • What’s coming….EDI development, process efficiencies, Techlink upgrade

Microsoft small business in fy072

Microsoft Small Business in FY07

Questions & Answers

Wrap Up

Microsoft small business contacts

Microsoft Small Business Contacts

Therese McGrath:

Athena Thompson:

Renato Ulpiano:

Alex Snelson: