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Building Business Value in Small Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Business Value in Small Business

Building Business Value in Small Business

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Building Business Value in Small Business

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  1. Building Business Value in Small Business

  2. Welcome ! HyperLearning Technologies Microsoft Certified Small Business specialists

  3. Who we are… • HyperLearning Technologies, 15 years as a Microsoft Solutions Provider • A Microsoft Small Business Specialist organization with two Small Business Specialists on staff • As a Small Business, we understand the needs of Small Business

  4. Technology Concerns “I’m concerned that I’ll get a virus into my IT systems” “…and what about hackers?” “This’ll cost a fortune – how can I justify the spend?” “I don’t have the skills to manage let alone operate an IT system” “My sales team need access to data on the road but how safe is it?” “I may lose everything if I have all my data in one place” “I keep hearing about spam – I get enough junk through the post!” “I don’t have the time to spend on this or learn how to use it”

  5. Let’s Deal with Security “I’m concerned that I’ll get a virus into my IT systems” • Security wizards • Secure platform • Firewall • Software restrictions • Patch management “…and what about hackers?” “I keep hearing about spam – I get enough junk through the post!”

  6. Back-up Routines “I may lose everything if I have all my data in one place” • Back-up Wizards • Centralized Data • User Level Back-up AND RESTORE • Deleted Items retention • My documents redirection • Volume Shadow Copy

  7. Managing email “I keep hearing about spam – I get enough junk through the post!” • Distribution list controls • Connection filtering • Inbound filtering • Privacy protection • Virus Scanning • Anti-spam Integration

  8. Team-working Concerns “How can I share health and safety documents companywide?” “I need to ensure that employees book my holidays in a way that does not disrupt the business” “I need to get to someone else’s documents and they’re out” “We need to be able to discuss subjects via e-mail or in a recorded fashion” “How can I ensure my sales teams always have the latest price lists?”

  9. Easy Intranet • Out of the box intranet site • Easy team-site set-up • Central access to shared documents • Manage holiday bookings • Document sharing • External access

  10. Case Study • HyperLearning Technologies COULD HAVE any Microsoft Server Platform(s) • When we learned what the new Microsoft SBS 2003 brings to the table, we immediately implemented SBS 2003!

  11. Access to Data on the Move Outlook 2003 Outlook Web Access Pocket Outlook Exchange Server ActiveSync Outlook Mobile Access

  12. Remote Web Workplace • Remote Web Workplace • remote portal • allows authorized users to access remote access features by using the Internet

  13. Anytime Anywhere Access

  14. REMOTE EMAIL • Remote Access to Email is as simple as: • PDA – to your email server, or VPN • Outlook Web Access, encrypted email over a browser • eMail over HTTP – Outlook email JUST WORKS – everywhere!

  15. REMOTE DATA ACCESS • Remote Access to YOUR data is as simple as: • http://companyweb • (inside access) • • (remote access) • To your data • To your actual desktop (no, you don’t need “go-to-my-PC”)!

  16. System Management “The system has gone down and I need to confirm this order.” “I haven’t got time to manage the network and my business” “I’ve a new employee starting tomorrow and I haven’t the time to get them set up” “The system is running slowly and no-one knows why – is it a virus?”

  17. System Management • Easy user set-up • Server monitoring wizard • Get e-mailed alerts • Daily Performance Reports • Weekly Usage Reports • Remote web viewing

  18. Monitoring and Reporting

  19. REAL-LIFE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT • Monitor your own system • Remotely access your own system for management • Let the Wizards take care of the backups • Retain a SBS consultant to monitor your system. • Remote management can resolve 90% of problems in minutes, instead of hours or days • On-site maintenance is PRO-ACTIVE

  20. What we offer • Tidewater Community College provides workforce training opportunities • KIS Computers provides turn-key delivery of pre-configured SBS systems and workstations • HyperLearning Technologies provides staged-levels of training • One-day “What will it do for me” for managers • Three-day “How can I set it up” for Technical go-to and Standard users • Five-day “Tell me all about it” for Consultants and Premium users

  21. Cost! • Small Business Server 2003 delivers.. • Exceptionally high return on investment (ROI) • Quick payback on costs • Choice of SBS editions to best suit your needs • Standard – fits most small businesses • Premium – for SQL database users, with built-in ICSA-quality FIREWALL • 5-50 Licenses, growth to 75 licenses Source: – “Out of the box ROI for Small Businesses” – BV whitepaper

  22. Price-Points • Minimum 3-5 users, $1,500-$2,000 • Each 5 users, add $150 for CAL packs • 10-15 users, $3,000-$3,500 • 15-30 users, $5,000 Minimum • Mission-critical backup systems add-on $1,000 - $3,000 • Multi-site Organizations • Extra servers • NO TERMINAL SERVER services

  23. Questions and Answers

  24. Thank You ! m

  25. Appendix Optional Technical Data… Licensing and Design Issues

  26. û û Product / Component SBS 2003 Standard Edition SBS 2003 Premium Edition Windows Server 2003 ü ü û Exchange Server 2003 ü ü Outlook 2003 ü ü SBS-specific components (e.g.. Setup wizards, monitoring tools, shared fax) ü ü Windows SharePoint Services v2 ü ü FrontPage 2003 ü SQL Server 2000 SP3 ü ISA Server ü Includes 5 CALs ü ü Windows Small Business Server 2003 - Editions

  27. Windows Small Business Server 2003 Licensing Design Points • Installation of all SBS components limited to single server • SBS must be root of Active Directory domain • Designed for businesses with up to 50 users/devices; supports up to 75 users/devices • Online licensing activation enabled Server & CAL Licenses • Two types of SBS CALs • Device-based (Each PC has a license, unlimited users) • User-based (Each USER has a license, unlimited PCs) • Device and User SBS CALs priced the same • Customers can have mixture of Device and User SBS CALs, recommend choosing one type for ease of tracking

  28. Pricing-Points, Turnkey