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Literature Word Roots Jeopardy Game. 6 th Grade +. What word is made up of the parts (L) ‘ mens ’ and (L) ‘ alis ’?. mental. What word do the parts (L) ‘trans’ and (L) ‘ parere ’ make?. transparent. What are the word parts of the word translate?. L trans (across or through) +

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LiteratureWord RootsJeopardy Game

6th Grade +

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What word is made up of the parts (L) ‘mens’ and (L) ‘alis’?

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L trans (across or through)


L latus (past participle of ferre, to carry)

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L ex- (intensive)


L periri (to try out or test)


OF –ence (act of)

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L re- (in return)


L spondere (to answer)

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Latin from?

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Where does the word ‘ from?phantasticus’ (imaginary) come from?

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Late Latin from?

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Where does the word part ‘ from?ence’ (act of) come from?

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Old French from?

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Latin from?

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Latin from?

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Latin from?

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Late Latin from?

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OF from?

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ME from?

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The Old English root ‘ from?wilcuma’ (interjection of welcome)

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L from?magnus (great)


L facere (to make)


L –ent (existing)

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L from?mens (mind)


L –alis (-al – relating to)

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Latin from?pausare (to stop or rest)

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L Mars (god of war) from?


ME -ian (one belonging to)