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Word Roots

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Word Roots . Miss, mitt. ddd. Prefixes. Suffixes. c ommissioner, n. A person sent to meet with others to plan and make official decisions. The baseball commissioner decided to suspend the players for 10 games. s mite, v. To send a sharp blow; to strike.

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word roots

Word Roots

Miss, mitt

c ommissioner n
commissioner, n
  • A person sent to meet with others to plan and make official decisions

The baseball commissioner decided to suspend the players for 10 games.

s mite v
smite, v.
  • To send a sharp blow; to strike

He vowed that he would smite his enemy.

t ransmit v
transmit, v.
  • To send from one person or place to another

The technology allows data to be transmitted by cellular phones.

a dmissible adj
admissible, adj.
  • Able to be sent as truthful evidence

The judge decided that the confession was admissible in court.

m issive n
missive, n.
  • A message sent through the mail

The two old friends like to fire off missives filled with good-natured teasing and mock insults.

s ubmissive adj
submissive, adj.
  • Yielding; obedient

The class was submissiveto their teacher’s demands.

p ermit v
permit, v.
  • To allow; to authorize

Mrs. Gigantino permitted herself one more cookie after lunch on Friday.

missionary n
missionary, n.
  • A person sent for a special task, usually religious

John Paton was a great pioneer missionary who devoted himself to sharing the gospel with the cannibals of the New Hebrides in the pacific.

m issile n
missile, n.
  • A rocket or weapon sent through the air

A propeller-driven underwater missile is called a torpedo.

r emittance n
remittance, n.
  • Money sent in payment

The young college student always mails in her remittance late, so she usually gets charged a late fee on her phone bill.