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Data from IPP Garching

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Data from IPP Garching. W. Eckstein, MPIPP Garching, Germany. Book: Sputtering by Particle Bombardment Editors: R. Behrisch, W. Eckstein. Introduction and Overview (Behrisch, Eckstein) Computer Simulation of the Sputtering Process (Eckstein, Urbassek) Sputtering Yields (Eckstein)

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data from ipp garching

Data from IPP Garching

W. Eckstein, MPIPP Garching, Germany

book sputtering by particle bombardment editors r behrisch w eckstein
Book: Sputtering by Particle BombardmentEditors: R. Behrisch, W. Eckstein
  • Introduction and Overview (Behrisch, Eckstein)
  • Computer Simulation of the Sputtering Process (Eckstein, Urbassek)
  • Sputtering Yields (Eckstein)
  • Results of Molecular Dynamics Simulations (Urbassek)
  • Energy and Angular Distributions of Sputtered Species (Gnaser)
  • Chemical Sputtering (Jacob, Roth)
  • Electronic Sputtering with Swift Heavy Ions (Assmann, Toulemonde, Trautmann)
1. Comparison of experimental and calculated values for the sputtering yield (new book)
  • 2. New calculated values and fit formula for the reflection coefficients
data fitting
Data fitting
  • Fitting of calculated yield values for normal

incidence of crystalline (amorphous)

elemental targets

  • values calculated with ACAT (Yamamura)
  • Values calculated with TRIM.SP (Eckstein)
advantage of the new fit
Advantage of the new fit
  • The new fit formula of the sputtering yield

at normal incidence allows a better

description at low energies near the


  • The new fit gives more realistic threshold


calculated energy dependencies
Calculated energy dependencies
  • 376 ion – target combinations
  • Fitting parameters given in tables
  • 266 comparisons with experimental data
  • Examples
calculated angular dependencies
Calculated angular dependencies
  • Fitting of calculated yield values for the

angular dependence at a fixed incident

energy for elemental targets

  • Values calculated with TRIM.SP
  • A new fit formula for the angular dependence of the sputtering yield at a fixed energy allows a

better description for low mass ratios and at low energies

calculated angular dependencies19
Calculated angular dependencies
  • 629 calculated angular dependencies
  • fitting parameters given in tables
  • 117 comparisons with experimental data
  • examples
main reasons for deviations
Main reasons for deviations

Experiment: surface roughness (up to a

(factor of 5 for oblique incidence)

implantation of gaseous species

(up to 30%)

Adsorption of surface impurities

  • Calculations: interaction potential

inelastic energy loss

multicomponent targets
Multicomponent targets
  • Compounds, alloys, isotopic mixtures
  • Bombardment with nonvolatile species
  • Fluence dependent yields
  • (yield oscillations)
other yield effects
Other yield effects
  • Temperature dependence
  • (yields below threshold, magnetic state)
  • Yield fluctuations (ASI distributions)
  • Time evolution of the yield