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Group 2 Comments. IRPA 2 nd International Workshop Radiation Protection Culture Charleston, SC February 10-11, 2011. Review of the NRC Proposed Safety Culture Traits.

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group 2 comments

Group 2 Comments

IRPA 2nd International Workshop

Radiation Protection Culture

Charleston, SC

February 10-11, 2011

review of the nrc proposed safety culture traits
Review of the NRC Proposed Safety Culture Traits
  • Agrees that the nine proposed safety culture traits are reflective of the general principles for RP Culture regardless of the industry they would be applied, however additional clarification should be includedfor three of the traits
additional comments on 3 traits
Additional Comments on 3 Traits
  • Continuous Learning - Is not only for you as an individual but that it is your responsibility to impart that knowledge learned in a 360 degree manner
  • Personal Accountability – means to yourself and others that you interact with
  • Key to Effective Communication and Continuous Learning is the need to establish a common language for the industrial setting where you practice and the geographic area you are located
question 2 criteria for success and assessing rp culture
Question 2: Criteria for Success and Assessing RP Culture
  • Documentation
    • Use of appropriateness criteria or operating procedures
  • Non-punitive reporting system
    • Establishment of lessons learned, root cause analysis
  • Measurement of understanding of the equipment needed
question 3 engaging stakeholders
Question 3: Engaging Stakeholders
  • Strong leadership
  • Motivation
    • Mentor programs
    • Training and education
      • Constant access – ability for the facility to have access to all the information necessary for the job functionality and performance
  • Inclusive collaboration
question 4 role of rp professionals and professional societies
Question 4: Role of RP Professionals and Professional Societies
  • IRPA Guidance should:
    • Be developed such that the member societies can adapt the overall guidance in their system
    • Include examples by application
    • Use commonly understood terminology
    • Be embraced by the leadership of the member societies
question 4 role of professional societies
Question 4: Role of Professional Societies
  • Building consensus
  • Provide and environment that promotes dialogue, and disseminates information among its members – companies (private and public) and society as a whole.
  • The societies must participate in all events related with the use of ionizing radiation.
  • Promote the understanding of radiation protection in all levels of education
  • Assist with educating the layperson (public) in the uses of radiation and radiation protection.
question 4 rp professionals
Question 4: RP Professionals
  • Embrace RP Culture
  • Should seek out the latest information relevant to radiation protection
  • Lead by example
  • Disseminate information to colleagues