friend or foe kinds of translating jobs n.
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Friend or Foe? & Kinds of Translating jobs PowerPoint Presentation
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Friend or Foe? & Kinds of Translating jobs

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Friend or Foe? & Kinds of Translating jobs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friend or Foe? & Kinds of Translating jobs
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  1. Friend or Foe? & Kinds of Translating jobs

  2. Some instances: • The Original:“Bambu antenna harusdiputar-putar agar salahsatuataubeberapastasiunitudapatditerimadengan clear. Apalagikalauadaanginluar yang kencang, muter-muter sendiridehantennanya.” • The result Bamboo antenna must be turned in circles so that one or several stations can be received with clear. Apalagikalauadaanginluar yang kencang, muter-muter sendiridehantennanya. Especially if there is a strong wind outside, muter-muter dehantennanyaown.Commentary :Hihihi there’s no equivalent of the phrase “muter-muter deh” :D

  3. SL:“Idealnyasihdipilihfrekwensitengah, kemudiandihitungpanjanggelombang.”TL:Ideally the selected frequency inthe middle of hell, and then calculated the wavelengths.Commentary:Hahahaha . A nice joke “ in the middle of hell”! • SL:“Sayadesainantenareflektorsederhana.”TL:I am a simple reflector antenna design.Commentary: what? How can it be?

  4. Funny translation of imperative sentences

  5. From Javanese-English

  6. Some translators use translating software like Rekso or TransTools. Some of them buy it and some of them hacked it freely. Why they use them? Why? Because they want to save times on the initial translation and spend more time in the editing process. • Did it help? YES, but not as much as I want it to be. They still need to look at the original material over and over again to make sure that he translation result is proper or appropriate.

  7. On the other hand, with various translator software people believe that they don't need a translator. NOT ENTIRELY TRUE, it depends on the software and the final editing. If you are using Google Translator (especially for longer sentences/ paragraph), you will end up with more nightmare and headache, believe me.

  8. So, friend or foe? it's up to you to decide. However, you should not feel inferior compared to this software. This is the marketing line," I will do the translation for you word by word, not simply by hitting a 'translate' button and it's done. It's 'hand-made and personal' translation."

  9. A paid translation service

  10. there are 11 category of translation work, they are:1.Translator: Person who convert a script from source language to target language 2.Interpreter: Person who translates oral message verbally from one language to other language. 3.Terminologist: Person whose job finding certain term from one language to other language to facilitate communication. 4.Editor: Person who review translation script to repair the grammar and term, included the whole meaning of discourse5.Subtitler: Person who gave translation text synchronized with dialog in a movie or television show. 

  11. 6.Transcriptionist: Person whose job listening recorded voice and word from oral message of a language, and change it into written translation in target language.7.Localizor: Person whose job fit certain product to locality, target market, or certain language group. Localizing commonly related with software industries.8.Lexicographer: Person who developed entry or definition of a word, term, or concept to be inserted into dictionary.9.Linguist: Person who search the right parable in a language unit in source script without focusing on cultural factors or contextual. Linguist made syntax and grammatical for translation program.10.Project Manager: Person whose job monitoring all translation process. 11.Language engineer: Person whose job making software to make localizing process simpler.

  12. What are the benefits to be Translator? • U.S. News has compiled a list of the predicted best 50 careers for 2011. They took account on which jobs would provide an above-average median income, and the careers for which the number of jobs is expected to increase. Interpreter/Translator appears in the subcategory ‘Creative and Service Jobs’.

  13. Here are many other reasons why becoming a translator is a good career move for individuals with the necessary skills and dedication: • 1.Being your own boss2.Flexible working hours3.Flexibility of workload - can work as many or as few hours as you like

  14. 4.Can reject projects if not suitable rather than having to do whatever you’re given.5.Working from home6.Support & Advice from the translator community7.Save us from early senility (penuaandini)