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Health Jobs For Me

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Health Jobs For Me
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Health Jobs For Me

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  1. Health Jobs For Me A board game full of jobs that keep kids healthy!

  2. Instructions: • Hand out board, die, and tokens. • Students decide who will have what token. • Go in order of token (person with token 1 goes first). • Teacher shows question for token 1 players. • Tell your answer to your group. If you get the question right, roll the die and move the number of spaces rolled. • If you land on a square with directions (ex. Go back 2 spaces), follow them. • Person who lands on “Strong Kid” first, wins!

  3. Which of these is NOT used on your teeth? A. Toothpaste B. Floss C. Comb D. Toothbrush

  4. Answer: • Comb The dentist recommends that you use a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to keep your teeth healthy and pearly white.

  5. Why does an radiology technician (x-ray technologist) wear a lead vest? • To look good • To stay warm • To keep clothes clean • To protect from radiation

  6. Answer: • To protect from radiation X-ray technologists are exposed to harmful radiation every time they take an x-ray. The vest blocks the rays from entering the body.

  7. Which does NOT belong? A. B. C. D.

  8. Answer: The foot does not belong because it is not on your face. Podiatrists treat feet problems like heel spurs and ingrown toe nails. A.

  9. What does a nurse use to hear your heartbeat? • Hearing aid • Stethoscope • Telephone • Thermometer

  10. Answer: • Stethoscope A stethoscope is a tool that makes the heartbeat sound louder. A nurse listens to the heart to make sure it is healthy.

  11. Which order shows how people grow? 2 3 1 • 2 – 3 – 1 • 3 – 2 – 1 • 1 – 2 – 3 • 2 – 1 – 3

  12. Answer: D. 2 – 1 – 3 A pediatrician follows a person’s growth from when they are a baby until the late teens. They make sure children are growing at the right speed and are able to help them if they are not.

  13. Joe’s prescription had 12 pills in the bottle. Joe’s mother gave him 3 pills. How many pills are left in the bottle? • 15 pills • 9 pills • 10 pills • 8 pills

  14. Answer: • 9 pills; 12 – 3 = 9 Joe’s mother bought his pills from the pharmacist. A pharmacist measures the correct number of pills for people when they need medicine.

  15. What does NOT belong in the group? B. A. D. C.

  16. Answer: Eye charts, eye drops, and glasses are used by optometrists. Optometrists study the eye, but they do not use the eye as a tool. B.

  17. Fill in the blank. An occupational therapist helps you relearn to __________ A. flip the light switch. B. dress yourself. • comb your hair. • All of the above.

  18. Answer: • All of the above. Occupational therapists help patients relearn daily tasks after they are sick with an injury or disease. The tasks include brushing your teeth, climbing stairs, cooking, or driving.

  19. Which sense will tell you how sweet an apple is? • Hearing • Smell • Taste • Sight

  20. Answer: • Taste A dietitian studies all the foods that are good for you. They make plans to help you eat healthy. They promote eating fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein every day.

  21. What vehicle do paramedics drive? A. B. D. C.

  22. Answer: An ambulance is ready to handle emergencies. If you get hurt, a paramedic drives you to a hospital in an ambulance. B.

  23. Solve the riddle. I create your pulse. I hide behind your rib cage. I help your blood move in your body. What am I? A. Your finger B. Your tongue C. Your lungs D. Your heart

  24. Answer: • Your heart The heart is in charge of pumping blood through the body. A cardiologist makes sure the heart works correctly.

  25. How many 5 of hearts are there? How many 2 of hearts are there?

  26. Answer: There are eight 2 of hearts and six 5 of hearts. Recreational therapists find activities for people to enjoy. The activity could be card games, basketball, sewing, or crafts.

  27. Which career and tool are NOT correctly matched? A. Surgeon and scalpel B. Dentist and floss C. Athletic Trainer and hammer D. Dietician and food pyramid

  28. Answer: • Athletic Trainer and hammer Athletic trainers help protect athletes from getting hurt and help athletes get better if they are hurt. They use athletic tape to wrap ankles to prevent them from moving.

  29. Which of the following is a trait that you get from your parents without having to learn it? • Riding a bicycle • Swimming • Brushing your hair • Eye color

  30. Answer: • Eye color Moms and dads pass down many traits to their children like eye color. Genetic counselors study traits and illnesses that are passed from a parent to their child.

  31. Which health career matches this group? Blood Microscope Lab Coat Test Tube A. Laboratory Technician B. Surgeon C. Lawyer D. Nurse

  32. Answer: • Laboratory Technician Laboratory technicians test blood and other body substances in test tubes. They wear lab coats and use microscopes.

  33. What would a music therapist use during a session? A. B. C. D.

  34. Answer: Music therapists use music as a way to counsel people with disabilities or illnesses. They use guitars, drums, and their voices to help people. C.

  35. How many syllables are in word “swallowing?” • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5

  36. Answer: • 3 Speech-language pathologists treat people with speech, language, and voice disorders. They also help people who have trouble swallowing and eating.

  37. When an epidemiologist studies disease, what should he/she see in the microscope? B. A. D. C.

  38. Answer: Bacteria causes sickness in people. An epidemiologist wants to know why and how a disease spreads to stop people from getting sick. B.

  39. My muscles are sore from moving furniture, who should I visit to relieve the tension? • Athletic Trainer • Radiology Technician • Nurse • Massage Therapist

  40. Answer: • Massage Therapist If you have tired muscles, you should visit a massage therapist. Massage therapists ease muscle pain and help muscles relax by rubbing them.

  41. Which is NOT a vital sign? • Weight • Temperature • Pulse • Breathing rate

  42. Answer: • Weight Medical assistants help care for patients by checking their vital signs such as breathing rate, pulse, and temperature. They carry out routine treatments, do lab tests, and keep office records.

  43. What instrument does a surgeon use? A. B. C. D.

  44. Answer: A scalpel is a small, sharp blade used in surgery. Surgeons use many different instruments during surgery to help them finish operations. D.

  45. The respiratory therapist visits 4 patients in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and 3 at night. How many does she visit in all? • 20 patients • 17 patients • 14 patients • 7 patients

  46. Answer: • 17 patients; 4 + 10 + 3 = 17 Respiratory therapists help people with breathing problems. They are interested in knowing the amount of oxygen a patient is inhaling.

  47. Which of these treatments is NOT used for cancer? A. Sun tanning • Radiation • Chemotherapy • Bone marrow transplants

  48. Answer: • Sun tanning A variety of different treatments are used to battle cancer like radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants. Oncologists decide which treatment will work best for the patient.

  49. Which jump rope should a tall person use? A. B. C. D.

  50. Answer: A tall person needs a longer jump rope. Physical therapists use jump ropes to help people become strong if they are ill or injured. C.